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Being Against Animal Cruelty Yet Eating Meat Is OK

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Many vegans have an issue when it comes to people who eat animal products protesting the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China. In the minds of many vegans, you cannot promote animal welfare or be against animal cruelty if you eat hamburgers and drink milk.

This makes very little sense, as it would mean that the only people who can speak out against animal cruelty of any kind would be vegans. Since vegans make up less than 1% of the population, don’t expect much change if this is the case.

Eating cow while speaking out against eating dog meat IS hypocritical. There really is no question about how nonsensical that is. However, calling people hypocrites just because they eat pigs but protest eating cats just isn’t effective. Think about all the times you have gotten into an argument, now think about all of the times that you have actually changed someone’s mind by calling them names. Even if it is true, chances are, those people still eat meat.

You are not going to turn people vegan or even lower their meat consumption by being a dick. Or, as I say in a post I made for VeganAmino regarding being a meat eating environmentalist:

“We as vegans think of things in really black and white terms. If you are not vegan, you MUST be a Standard American Diet eating, unhealthy, saturated fat loaded, meat-gorging cow-killer, right? No.

I highly doubt, based on everything that I read, that a diet devoid of dairy and eggs, mainly plants, that still contains chicken and fish, is so much worse for the environment than a typical vegan diet.

That is why the argument that if you’re not 100% Vegan than you’re as bad as the typical American makes no sense, because mathematically it makes no sense.

There are many reasons to be vegan, but this whole “optimal or bust” mentality scares away people that would otherwise do good, but are constantly criticized for not being vegan. Especially when veganism isn’t perfect either. Chocolate uses more water than beef per kg, and palm oil causes major environmental destruction. Not to mention vegan processed food vs local fresh foods. And a diet with some poultry that is waste-free is better than a vegan diet where tons of food is wasted, because let’s not forget, food waste is a serious problem.

Discount animal products and freegan meats also reduce impact as well. Mindful shopping is key

Impact isn’t black and white and factors come into account.”

You can eat cows and still care about dogs, and any effort to get people to empathize with the plight of animals and the effects of animal cruelty is a plus. It’s the baby steps that matter, not the “vegan or bust” mantra.

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