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That Nerdy Science Girl Is Going Ad Free!

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I have been writing great educational articles on this site for a few years to date. It has been a bumpy ride, but one that I have loved, and will continue to love, to be a part of.

Hosting a site is expensive, and can cost upwards of 200$ a year. I have tried to support this site and its over 8000 visitors a month using Google Adsense, but the payback from that has been miniscule at best. I only earn a few cents a day from Adsense, which doesn’t even begin to cover site expenses. Most of the money comes out of my pockets anyway, which is why I considered for a long time to just go ad free.

I am hoping that by expanding this site and allowing it to flourish, people are able to make better choices about their food, and possibly even cut out meat, or go fully vegan. My Eating Vegetarian At series has garnered hundreds of thousands of views since I started the series, and has helped many people make more informed choices about what they can eat while eating out.

So instead of third-party ads, which can be irritating, intrusive, and maybe even non-existent if you have Adblock, I have decided to instead go ad free and use that space to offer other services and merchandise that I offer that can help go towards this site as well as food and rent expenses. For instance:

Etsy: I make crafts in my spare time, it is just something that I do as a hobby. Any sale of these crafts will help a ton many aspects, including expanding this website, as well as donations to people and animal charities in need. I have scarves, blankets, and whatever I am interested in making or selling at the time on sale there. They make great vegan gifts for the holidays and special occasions.

Writing: As a blogger and freelance writer, I, of course, offer writing services for people for a variety of topics. This including veganism, diet, and health, but also includes various other topics as well, including budgeting, religion, news, and even erotic stories. These come at a low price, and helps to support me and the site in a huge way! While I focus my writing mainly via Fiverr, I am open to taking freelancing jobs outside of it as well. If you are interested, contact me at and we can discuss writing as well as payment options.

Patreon: Although I hate to ask for anything without giving something in return, I am keeping this as an option only for people who prefer this method of helping.

So anything can help keep this site alive, as well as keep me alive. So if you are interested in helping, please consider doing so at one of the above options. I also appreciate sharing my site on social media as well. Since I am going ad free, anything can help 🙂