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Dollar General Chocolate Is Vegan!

I used to work at a Dollar General, and thank goodness I don’t anymore. However, since I quit a few years back, the couple times I do go in there (which isn’t often, because DG is far too expensive for my thrifty tastes) I have noticed a few interesting tidbits.

Firstly, I have noticed that Dollar General now carried Vanilla Almond Milk. I don’t know if this is true for all stores, but the one near me, which is by no means special in any regards, now carries the plant-based milk alternative. This made me happy, even if I would probably never purchase it there. The fact that even smaller stores are starting to carry plant-based replacement products is awesome!

In fact, Dollar General has a ton of plant-based options for people to snack on, including potato chips and candy that are suitable for vegans, although they are in no way healthy. However, despite the health aspects, it is good to know that there are vegan products out there, even in smaller stores like Dollar General

Another thing I noticed, is that the Dollar General Literacy Foundation dark chocolate bar, is completely vegan! I don’t know why any company that makes dark chocolate would add milk to it (Hersheys), as one can easily make dark chocolate without ever using dairy.

Other items at Dollar General are vegan as well, such as their “ranch” flavored veggie sticks, and their store-brand thin-mint cookies.

I am glad that more and more products tend to be coming out as vegan, even if it is by sheer accident. The large amount of vegan items, from potato chips and cereal to nuts and canned produce being readily available, is perfect for everyone trying to be vegan and thinking they have no options.

So eat. Drink. Be merry. Be vegan.