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Things They Don’t Tell You When You First Go Vegan

veggie burger eating

When you go vegan, vegetarian, or even just plant-based, there are many things that you will learn, but often are not told prior to going plant-based.

1.  You will poop… a lot

Whether you just went vegan or you’ve been vegan for awhile, you will indeed start to poop heavily and poop often. When I first went vegetarian, and even now if I eat too much fiber, my body does not like me, and I suffer from stomach cramps and loose stools. You will also be eating a lot more plant matter to make up for eliminating the more calorie dense foods. This means when you do use the commode, you often have big loads.

2. Eating Whole Food Plant-Based is often cheaper than eating the Standard American Diet… but…

Plant foods, such as beans, grains, rice, and the like are some of the cheapest foods on the planet. There is no dought that replacing meat with these plant foods will lower your monthly grocery bill by a significant amount.

However, for many vegans, this may not be the case. Many vegans like to consume prepackaged vegan foods, such as premade veggie burgers, veggie cheeses, and beefless crumbles. These are usually name brand, and rather costly, but they make vegan meals taste really good. Many vegans are willing to pay the higher price for the taste.

So if you eat these more expensive vegan foods, your bill will increase. However, if you stick to whole foods and in-season produce, your bill will decrease. It really depends on you.

3. There is no one true veganism

Veganism is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle, so you can either eat whole plant foods, or potato chips, candy, and soda pop. You can eat nothing but junk food, nothing but healthy foods, everything in between, nothing but raw foods, nothing but fruit, keto, paleo, 80/10/10, you name it!

So when you go vegan, you won’t automatically slim down and become healthy, you still have to work for that.

4. Diet restriction can become an issue

While not too common, it is very easy to continue to restrict your diet for whatever reason after you go vegan. I remember when I first went vegan, I tried to slowly get rid of many foods from my diet that was otherwise vegan, but I deemed as harmful, such as coffee, coconut, palm oil, and bananas.

While eliminating more harmful plant foods is great when you can, don’t rush it. Going vegan can be difficult enough without having to turn down a perfectly good banana.

5. You will need a dictionary

Quinoa? Edamame? Nutritional Yeast? Liquid Aminos? What the hell are these?

This and much more you will be asking yourself as you find new vegan recipes and realize that they call for strange ingredients like Agave Syrup, Jackfruit, and Miso. So it might be best to research everything you can before the plunge, so you’re not shocked by Seitan, Tempeh, Matcha, or wheat germ.

However, I won’t lie, when used correctly, these foods can make excellent ingredients. I personally enjoy my popcorn with some salt, canola oil, and nutritional yeast for a cheddar popcorn flavor.