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Eating Vegetarian At: Buffalo Wild Wings

I have rarely ever eaten at Buffalo Wild Wings in my life, in fact, I don’t remember if I ever have. I do know that I used to live by them a lot when I was little, so there is that.

Buffalo Wild Wings is not a restaurant that you would ever even expect to have any vegetarian options, but shockingly enough, it has a coupleĀ … a couple… meaning that anyone who is a lacto-ovo vegetarian will be happy, but vegan? not so much.

To start off, they have a black bean burger patty, but it isn’t vegan. For some reason they thought it necessary to add in dairy and egg into it. So this is one food item that only marginally goes into their favor. Other options include:

  • Side Salad (Has Dairy in it)
  • Cole Slaw (Eggs)
  • Veggie Boat (Ranch Dip)

And aside from a few desserts, that’s about it. There are no vegan menu options aside from Mandarin Oranges for kids and a soft pretzel. They do have fries, onion rings, and tortilla chips, but neither of those are vegetarian because they are cooked in beef fat, which is something I never understood why fast food companies did, as many fast food companies do that, including Checkers and Popeyes.

The inclusion of a black bean burger was pretty cool, but it means little if it still contains massive amounts of animal products.

Then again, it’s not like I would expect too much more from a burger joint that runs on the sale of slathering as many animal products as possible into a plate, like Arby’s, Burger King, and Checker’s. This is not one of those places where a vegetarian or vegan is likely to go, but if you ever did, it’s good to know very few options are available.