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Woman Opens Up Gourmet Vegan Restaurant, Gets Labeled A Hero?

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]othing against the vegan restaurant, it’s a pretty cool looking restaurant and if I lived in the area I would definitely eat there… but heroic? The resturant is called Stuff I Eat and is a high end vegan cuisine restaurant. wrote a Facebook post claiming

Opening a vegan restaurant is amazing—but opening one in a food desert is positively heroic.

Why though? This is a vegan restaurant that sells a small side of Black-eyed peas or Sauteed Broccoli for 5 dollars, this is certainly not the epitome of “low-income goodness” in my opinion.

If the resturant was an organic vegan food bank that worked off donations, then sure, heroic, but not an organic restaurant making a profit off of already poor people. Exactly what about this deserves recognition?

“Babette estimates that just over a quarter of her customers live in the surrounding neighborhood.”

Because a low-income community can’t afford to eat there!

And then there is a major lie when it comes to the media portrayal of this restaurant. IT’S NOT EVEN IN A FOOD DESERT!!!

“Los Angeles is hardly hurting for vegan options. But the city of Inglewood, located ten miles south of downtown LA, is an unlikely setting for an all-vegan, mostly organic restaurant. According to data from the US Department of Agriculture, many of the city’s residents live in food deserts—low-income areas where they’re forced to rely heavily on convenience stores and fast food, as supermarkets aren’t readily accessible or affordable. Given locals’ limited access to healthy food, it seems like a noble (if lofty) plan to sell them nut-based burgers at reasonable prices.”

food desert

The star is their restaurant in Inglewood, within just half a mile is a Vons Supermarket and a Buy Low food market, and both of them are currently open according to their most recent sales paper and reviews from Google Maps dating less than a week ago. This area is certainly NOT hurting for healthy food options. So no, that restaurant is NOT feeding a low-income food desert!

The fact that this restaurant can stay afloat due to the poor placement of it is astounding, but “feed a low-income food desert” is not only a lie, but makes the vegan restaurant sound cheap, like a vegan Taco Bell, and it isn’t!

The media really needs to learn to portray information accurately, especially if they are getting paid to do so.