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Eating Vegetarian At: Sonic

Sonic has to be one of the most unhealthy places you can go to eat from, mainly because they cook their food with shortening, or hydrogenated vegetable oil, which contains quite a lot of trans-fats. But of course, nobody goes to fast food places in order to eat healthy, so if you will let that slide, let’s see what us available on the veggie menu:

To start off the day, breakfast at Sonic comes with:

  • French Toast
  • Cinnasticks

and I am sure you can ask for the egg burritos without sausage or bacon if you are Ovo/Lacto-ovo. There are no vegan breakfast options though.

In terms of sides, you can have:

  • Tots
  • Fries
  • Apple Slices
  • Onion Rings
  • Ched’r Peppers
  • Mozzarella Sticks

The last two items are not vegan though, but the first four of them are. They also have a Grilled Cheese Sandwich on the kids menu, but I am unsure if you can order that separate from a kids meal.

Aside from that, they also have the usual ice-cream galore that many other fast food places like Checkers, Burger King, and McDonalds does. They can certainly do better on veggie options though.

Not for a lack of trying, however. The Sonic of Connecticut released a veggie burger as of 2011, and it looks really good (Morningstar though, like Burger King, so it isn’t Vegan), but then it starts to get fuzzy. This post from 2012 is the last post on the Facebook page that even mentions the veggie burger. Their Fall 2014 Nutrition Guide lists the veggie burger, but their Allergen Information sheet published in March 2014 does not.


The fact that nobody is even talking about it, or have really talked much about it at all, is odd, claiming that Sonic itself claims that the burgers were basically flying off the shelves. I can find no pictures of the burger outside of the promotional material either, so chances are Sonic had one, and it flopped, or it’s still only sold at particular locations.