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Vegans Are Smug… And So Are Carnists.

Those of you new to the term “Carnist” can find more information about it here

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]any vegans being smug and wiping their anal self-righteous attitudes across the face of meat-eaters, acting morally superior due to their food choices and lifestyle is just a thing that most people, vegan or not, just tend to expect from the vegan hive mind. I say Vegan hive mind in the sense of not all vegans, but of many vegans who for some reason can’t take criticism, and result to name calling, assault, and even death threats to people who commit blasphemy against veganism.

That said, are vegans the only one’s who do this? Of course not, carnists are well known and documented for making fun of vegetarians, mocking vegans, and shoving their meat-filled foods into people faces while also complaining that vegans do the same. Meat-lovers, many referring to themselves as Carnivores, love to fight with vegans, and spout misinformation as to why meat is good for you, and how Veganism is bad because… B12 and D, obviously!

Despite both sides being childish as hell in this debate, there are minor differences. One of them being that I have yet to hear about any news stories of “carnivores” sending vegans death threats, assaulting vegans, or really anything more than online trolling or being misinformed about nutrition.

Although both sides are rather cultish, Veganism is a bit more extreme. Vegans who go Ex-vegan are often ostracized, shunned, and even sent death threats, such as in the case of TheVeganBlond. Well-known meat-eaters who go Vegan are often mocked and ridiculed, but never assaulted or sent death threats for daring to not consume animal products, as in the case of the HodgeTwins going vegetarian, and many fans started to think less of them for simply not eating meat anymore.

The high meat-consuming crowd, often filled with bodybuilders, seem to connect meat with muscle, ignoring that protein is protein, and your body will use it for muscle building either way. But we classless high-horse-riding vegans tend to think that we will live longer, feel better, etc, and that nobody who eats meat ever feels as pure as I do as a vegan:



It is good to note that both sides are full of idiots, so no side is really better than the other in terms of being snide and smug.

So yeah, stop being a-holes. That’d be nice.