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Eating Vegetarian At: In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out burger has to have the smallest menu of any fast food place in existence. I believe it consists of less than 10 whole items, which is great for the indecisive consumer, doesn’t really give that much in terms of variety. In fact, the menu option of vegetarians and vegans is almost extinct.

  • Vegetable Burger
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Fries
See how small the menu is?
See how small the menu is? It’s really fricken tiny!

Like McDonalds and other places, you can order a sandwich with no patty, and that’s you’re veggie sandwich. You can ask them to replace the spread with ketchup and mustard and to take off the cheese for a very abysmal vegan sandwich. Although I did hear that it is a pretty good sandwich, even despite just being toppings.

The fries are just cut potatoes cooked in 100% vegetable oil, so they are vegan as well, but then again, it is hard to go to a fast food place and NOT have vegan fries waiting for you. They do have Milk, Milkshakes, and Coffee, but all of those are vegetarian, with no vegan options unless you drink your coffee with no cream.

In terms of drinks, you can only drink Diet Coke, or Light Lemonaid. Many fast food places, like Rally’s, get too much in the habit of selling high sugar drinks with little to no alternative, so it would also be better to see some more lower-calorie drinks on the menu.

Hopefully In-N-Out burger can, like many other restaurants, start selling more vegetarian and vegan menu options, like Burger King or Five Guys and their veggie burgers. But at least for now it is a start, although it would be much better if they can even simply put it on the menu, but then again, the grilled cheese is not on the menu either…

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  1. You didn’t specify if the cheese is vegitarian. Does it use animal rennet? And also vegan fries aren’t as common as you think, McDonald’s uses beef flavor in there fries, so they aren’t even vegitarian, so you should acknowledge that not all fast foods have vegan fries like in and out, plus most fast foods fry them with meat or in lard, while in and out fries them on their own in vegitable oil

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