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Eating Vegetarian At: Subway

Subway has to be the biggest hybrid two-faced restaurant I ever frequented often when I have some spare cash. On one end, you have a company that sells a lot of vegetables, lean meats and cheese, and the possibility of wheat bread. And then on the other side you can compliment your healthy enough sandwich with potato chips, cookies, mayonnaise, or sugar-laden soda-pop. That should really be fixed if Subway wants to stay seen as a healthy fast food alternative. Even baked chips are high in empty calories.

And to be honest, those sides: the cookies, chips, and soda, are the main vegetarian options that this restaurant provides. Yes, I know that they have been testing out vegan options in select areas that are not my state, but I won’t raise their score very much, saying that it has been 3 years and it is still something that isn’t national.

The Subway Italian bread is vegan, and so are all the toppings on the veggie delight, so they do have a vegan menu option if made correctly. But the veggie delight is all that they have for vegetarians. The veggie design is just a sub with a whole bunch of iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, olives, onions, and pickles on it. No patty or anything.┬áNow they DO have a veggie patty…. in the UK.

The sub comes complete with 230 Calories and 8 grams of protein, which sucks saying it costs almost as much as the typical meat-filled subs. I have tried this sub a few times, but it never fills me up, and it does not taste all that good. It tastes flat and bland, and I even put provolone cheese on it just to make it not a snack for the money I threw at it.

They do have salads, but the same issue comes up, no meat substitution, and now no bread, making them just a veggie delight with dressing. Only 60 calories according to the menu.