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Eating Vegetarian At: Wendy’s

I reviewed Burger King, Checkers, and McDonalds already, so while I am in the habit of reviewing burger joints, I might as well add Wendy’s to the list.

Although adding them to the list right now might be a little premature, as although Wendy’s right now does not have a veggie burger on their menu, they do have plans in the future of getting a black bean burger, which is awesome! And i will add that into consideration, and change the score of this post once they come out with it.

As of right now, however, they do have other options to choose from. While they might be a mostly meat-based fast food joint, they do have foods that vegetarians can eat, such as:

  • Garden and Ceaser Side Salads
  • Sour Cream and Chive Baked Potato (8 grams protein)
  • Broccoli and Cheese Baked Potato (15 grams protein)
  • French Fries
  • Apple Slices

They also have milkshakes, milk, and hot chocolate. The only vegan options they have are a baked potato without toppings, a garden salad, and fries.

But like Checkers and Mcdonalds, they do not yet have a protein replacement for their burgers. So until this black bean burger comes out, i have to mark down the restaurant for that. I do, however, enjoy the fact that more and more resturants and fast food joints are expanding their vegetarian menu options, or adding them to their menu. Such an accomplishment is a win/win for both companies, and vegetarians alike.

According to reports, the veggie patty is supposed to be baked in a different oven than meat products (doubt it, as I work Fast Food on various different places, but k) and many critics in the few places where it was tested has given it wonderful reviews. So the patty is probably going to be a great addition for vegetarians and vegans.

custUntil then, the Broccoli and Cheese Baked Potato and the Garden side salad are my two favorite menu options. You can add pecans and cashews to your salad for a little extra to give it more nutrients and some more protein. You can also just remove certain ingredients from a product, such as ordering the Baconator Fries without the bacon. But since neither of those are protein substitutions it does not help much for equal nutritional value for the same money, which is what I strive for.