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Eating Vegetarian at: Checkers/Rally’s

I am not sure I’ll ever meet a person who will vehemently disagree with the following statement: Checkers/Rally’s fries are the bomb!!!

And they are vegetarian. Yeah, they have whey in them, so it has milk-products and eggs, which sucks, as I fancy myself a lacto-vegetarian. I did hear some rumors that their fries have beef tallow or whatnot, but from what I have seen that is not the case, at least it is not listed in the ingredients of the fries they sell in stores. This may have been the case in the past though*.¬†Rally’s does not seem to have their ingredients listed on their website, which is odd nowadays for a fast food place. Taco Bell and even McDonalds has that, but whatever.

If you are trying to look for Vegan options at Rally’s, you’re out of luck. None exist. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find any Vegetarian options. In fact, there are only 2 vegetarian options on the whole menu, and they both contain cheese:

  • Fries
  • Mozzarella Sticks*

I guess if you want to get a burger and just ask for it with no patty, you can. I tried it with the fry-lovers burger, and quite frankly, I was not impressed. If you’re a Pesco vegetarian, they do have fish sandwiches.

That said, they have no protein replacements, such as veggie burgers. This sucks, but hey what are you gonna do?

The depressing part is that McDonalds, a company that I blasted previously for their lack of vegetarian options, has twice the amount, if not 4 times the amount (if you include breakfast) than Checkers, making McDonalds a better place for vegetarian options, and McDonalds sucks.

They do have desert options like most other places, which includes apple pies, funnel cakes, and ice cream, but usually I don’t include deserts or breakfast into these posts for the mere fact that they are not the main menu.





I asked a friend who works at Rally’s to check the oil used to fry the foods, and lo and behold, this was listed on the box.


All fried foods at Rally’s are indeed cooked directly in beef tallow, making absolutely none of their products, not even their fries or their mozzarella sticks, vegetarian. They ¬†have ice cream cones and milkshakes, but as of right now, I am lowering their score. Not even their Apple Pies are vegetarian.