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Eating Vegetarian At: Taco Bell

taco-bell-logoWhen you are a vegetarian, it is best to find places where you can eat without sacrificing vital nutrients that help you feel full, and the most important one when eating out is Protein. There are many places where you are able to eat out that has some other form of protein that you can substitute for the meat if you want a conventional item, or they simply have vegetarian options on the Menu.

Taco Bell has to be one of the best when it comes to vegetarian options. If you don’t want meat on a Chalupa, or a taco, etc, you can easily exchange them for beans (you can change the meat for rice too, but beans have more protein). You have the choice of either having regular refried beans, or black beans. This will come at no extra cost to the customer for the substitution.

You also have a wide variety of options from the menu itself to choose from as well. There is:

And that is not including deserts, such as the Apple Pie, Cinnamon Twists, and Cinnabon Delights. So in terms of vegetarian options, Taco Bell has you set!

Taco Bell even has many Vegan options as well. In fact, for most vegetarian items, all you have to do to make them Vegan is to order them Fresco Style. Doing so takes off the cheese and sour cream and replaces it with Pico De Gallo, which is just tomatoes, onions, and Cilantro mixed with dressing. Chips and Guac and Black Beans and Rice are Vegan as-is.

I eat there all of the time, and I really enjoy it because of all of the options. I do, however, have to stress about calories. Nacho Cheese and a small bag of chips alone comes with 320 calories, and a Cheese Quesadilla comes with a whopping 460 calories, so if you buy them together with water or diet soda to drink the total caloric content for this one meal is 780 calories! There is 430 calories in a 7 layer, but it comes with lettuce, tomato, guacamole, and 3 different sources of protein, including plant-based. Even less if you get a bean burrito Fresco Style.

What I am saying is that Taco Bell has wonderful options, but try not to overindulge.