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Saving Money On A Plant-Based Diet

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Many people consider a plant-based diet to be expensive, and in many cases, it can be. This goes against the notion that many people claim, that it is far cheaper to become a vegan, which is also true, depending. There are many ways you can save money eating plant-based.

If you choose to consume a lot of meat replacements and dairy replacements, your grocery bill can easily go through the roof. A single bag of Gardein meatless meatballs is a little over 4 dollars at my local grocery store, and it has only 12 meatballs in it. Turkey meatballs, on the other hand, have almost twice the amount for that same price.

Eating a fair amount of foods like Daiya or Boca veggie patties can rack up the price, even if it makes it easier to go vegan in the long term. So here are some good tips to keep you from always running out of money at the end of the month as a vegan.

Shop the Perimeter

The perimeter of the store is where they have all the whole foods. However, be careful here as well, while whole foods are often cheaper due to them not being processed, they can rack up little by little. For instance, in the produce section, purchase whole foods instead of chopped up versions, as you pay far more for the same thing, just chopped.

Also, do not buy Organic. Organic produce is nutritionally no different than conventional foods, but they cost a billiondy times more. Try dried beans instead of whole for a better price, but if you are like me and are lazy, just stick to canned.

Eat Fewer Alternatives

If you purchase mainly whole foods, like rice, bread, tortillas, beans, corn, etc, you will save a lot more money, even if you are, in the long run, sacrificing the taste of the particular product. While it is still OK to indulge occasionally, try to keep it at a minimum. Eating your own homemade foods will taste better the more you see that grocery bill go down.

Buy In Season

In season produce is often far less expensive than trying to buy strawberries in the winter. Look out for sales and price drops that can make avocados go from $1.50 each to 50 cents each. Look for sales elsewhere as well, like buying bread that is half off because it is close to its expiration date, and freeze it. Doing little things like this will help a ton in helping you to not starve when your summer electricity¬†bill skyrockets into the 100’s of dollars.

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