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White Castle’s New Veggie Slider

Every day it seems there seems to be a new vegan product being made at a large chain restaurant or manufacturer. Ben&Jerry’s came out with 3 new flavors of non-dairy icecream not too long ago, Starbucks has some secret menu Vegan frappe options, and just recently, White Castle has released their brand new Black Bean slider! This comes as a stark contrast with my earlier news showing that Taco Bell reverted to putting dairy-based powdered butter in their rice.

Now White Castle already had a pretty good broccoli-based veggie slider, but it is good to mix up the taste a little with their new Black Bean sliders, that contain corn and bell peppers! To date, I can’t seem to find the caloric content for these sliders, but I don’t think they are going to be too much more nutritious than their green (and amazingly delicious) counterparts.

I critiqued the nutritional content for their veggie-sliders in a previous post, as those sliders were severely lacking in any nutritional content, meanwhile being filled to the brim with near empty calories. I am hoping that since the new sliders are made with black beans and bell peppers, that their Iron, Protein, and Vitamin C content will at least be reasonable for a slider.

That said, I am happy to see that White Castle has went national with this new vegan creation, as we are still waiting for the meme-creating Wendy’s to allow their Black Bean burger outside of the 24 locations they debuted in last year. However, it is sad to note that the White Castle veggie slider is only a limited time offer, and not a full-time menu option, so if you are going to try it, I suggest you do so quickly.

Each slider is only 99 cents, which is the same price as their regular veggie sliders. So it is a good price for what you get!