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Taco Bell’s Rice Is No Longer Vegan

Taco Bell has changed the recipe for their rice, altering the recipe. Their previous Laytin Rice has been changed for their new Buttery Rice, which does contain a small amount of Dehydrated Butter.

This rice is supposed to incorperate the best of their Latin and Mexican rice, but in my opinion simply falls flat, making the rice taste more like the rice you mix with melted butter at home.

This news, despite being minor, does not suit well with vegans. Since Taco Bell was certified by the Vegetarian Society a few years back, which worked with Taco Bell to point out their vegetarian and vegan menu options, they have been held in high regard by vegetarians and vegans alike. Since this alteration however, which seems to change a perfectly vegan food option, rice, and adds an unnecessary dairy ingrediant in it, left many vegans scornful.

Veganizing otherwise non-vegan options has been a past-time for many who eat at Taco Bell, and it used to be that all one had to do was ask for a 7-layer burrito to be “fresco” in order for it to be vegan. Now it makes it more complicated, as asking for a Cheesy Bean and Rice burrito to be Fresco will not take out the rice, leaving the butter-sodden rice to remain in the burrito, making it non-vegan.

This has also drew the scorn of a few people who suffer from rather severe Lactose Intolerance, making this yet another unnecessarily dairy-laden product, and therefore inedible. Hopefully Taco bell learns from this and reverts the rice back to a non-buttery state, but I doubt that such a thing will happen anytime soon.

Until then, I guess Taco Bell can stomach the lost sales by the myriad of people who can’t stomach their new rice.