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An Honest Review Of Organic Gatorade

Organic Gatorade. One might think such a thing is odd, saying that Gatorade itself is a pointless beverage. Unless you are spending hours in the sun or doing vigorous exercise for long periods of time, it will in no way benefit you at all. And even then, Gatorade is mostly just flavored salty sugar-water, I can add sugar and salt to my own water at home, tyvm.

lemon gatorade
Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Salt, Citric Acid. In other words, salty sugar water with a few drops of lemon.

This weird surge of Organic Junk Food baffles me, because like Gatorade, I have also seen Organic candy bars, Organic soda, Organic juice pouches, and other junk foods that leap into the term Organic. Organic is meant to be a term in which people believe that synthetic chemicals and whatnot sprayed on food, as well as GMOs, are bad for you, and if you switch to organic you can be healthy. What is the purpose of even buying Organic if you can consume yourself into a “healthier” version of Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity? Even Pro-Organic websites tend to be against the rise of Organic Junk Foods.

For instance, despite the fact that this version of Gatorade is “Organic,” it still contains the same amount of sugar as regular Gatorade per ounce. Since there is no fiber or any other nutrient in Gatorade either, you might as well just drink soda pop. The product itself is clear, which is quite different than the odd colored liquid sugar that Gatorade often sells, but just removing artificial sugars does not make junk healthy.

I bought the lemon flavored to give it a try. And I might try out the mixed berry one soon as well, and when I say “bought,” I mean I got it for free using sales and coupons at my nearby Kroger. I would never spend a dime on any more expensive product that claims to be healthier simply due to being organic. And that is just the issue I have with this. Check this out:


Regular Gatorade has a retail price of 1.49 for a 32 Fl Oz bottle, which equates to about 4.5 cents per ounce. Meanwhile, the Organic version has only 16.9 Fl Oz, and sells on retail for 2.49. That equates to about 14.7 cents per fluid oz. Meaning that you are spending over 3 times more for Organic sugar water with some salt and a splash of lemon than you are spending on regular Gatorade. Since you will be buying a lot at once, I highly recommend just using that money and simply purchasing conventional vegetables.

The one and only thing I can give it as a Kudos, is that it DOES taste better than the original. But it is not a taste I cannot replicate at home with a lemon, some sugar, and a pinch of salt. In fact, add Splenda, make it Calorie Free. It’s just not worth the money to go out and buy this product, just because you think that organic can do no wrong. Brands like Gatorade making Organic products simply cements the fact that “Organic” is simply a marketing buzzword. Need I remind anyone that Organic is a multi Billion dollar industry, and often make their money off of fraudulent ads against the competition? The entire idea of the organics buzzword is to sell products by making their competition out to be unhealthy by comparison.

There really isn’t too much to say about the organic Gatorade. It’s not bad, but I would never spend money on it, let alone MORE money on it than I would regular Gatorade if I drank the stuff. It’s simply an OK beverage, and not worth paying up to 3 times the price for. For most consumers, water works just as well, and is far cheaper. Need electrolytes? Add some sugar and salt to that water.