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Anti-GMO Group Throws Feces and Rotten Eggs At Plant-Breeding Conference

Imagine being so upset that a group of plant breeders and botanists are talking about agriculture that you storm in wearing a mask and throw urine, cow poop, and rotten eggs everywhere. Imagine being so influenced by the cult of fear at a harmless substance that you result to throwing a thuggish temper tantrum and smear sh*t all over the walls. You don’t have to imagine anymore because this is exactly what happened at Swiss university ETH Zurich (What is it with university students and acting violently towards people they disagree with?).

This childish act of terrorism was directed at the European Society for Plant Breeding Research, which was supported by many pro-GM (Genetic Modification) companies. As a result of the actions, the conference had to be postponed. 300 people were evacuated from the conference room as it had to be cleaned. The conference did continue as planned later on that day.


This is not the first time that Anti-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) proponents acted violently because they have no evidence to back up their irrational claims. One pro-GMO group was bombed last year, just one instance of tons that are coming into the light. Anti-GMO people fervently believe that GMO’s are untested, harmful, dangerous, and hurts small farmers. None of these have any proof at all. They use pictures of vegetables with syringes in them, children and minorities with look sick and zombified, and they make up words like Frankenfood, and Killer Tomatoes. They do this because no sound scientific research agrees with their conclusion that GMO’s are harmful. When you can’t beat them with facts, scare them!

It’s like a vaccines and Autism debate. Non-existant. There is no evidence that genetic modification is harmful, and it is about time we accepted the science over the fear-mongering. And no, Monsanto STILL has not paid me.


8/30/2016 Eucarpia themselves released a statement on the issue. “Shit on technology” was written on the walls, and the suspects were followed by members of the speech and were arrested. As far as I know no group has come forward to take credit for the crime.

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  1. People are scared. Is there any wonder when the are told that (against all the evidence) these technologies are going to kill them! People like @foodbabe, @gmoinside @naturalnews are terrorists pure ans simple.

    Surely the 1st Amendment (free expression) doesn’t apply when you’re whipping up fear to this extent. It’s not just America that’s affected – the whole world is getting wind of this claptrap and people are getting hurt as a result.

        1. Yea, the “I just love the pineapple in my fruit cup” is almost the same as a suicide bomber….but I guess if ones profits are affected by what a blogger writes they might go online and call them terrorist.

          1. quote:




            the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims.”

            Seems legit to me.

      1. Food Babe is not a food blogger. She is a scientifically illiterate fear monger, who sells products (with undeclared affiliate links) that contain the same ingredients she rallies against. She harasses university professors/lecturers with pointless FOIA requests until they start to question why they bother with academia. Even going as far as to send one to Canada to a professor who was grieving after his wife passed. I would call her a terrorist.

        1. But she has a blog about food, your opinion is of her motive.

          If thats your definition of a terrorist I hate to think what you consider ISIS.

          1. And what do you think of Mike Adams and his call to violence against anyone who supports GE crop science?

      2. She’s not a blogger and she IS a terrorist because she threatens people with cancer (among other things) and is now railing against Zika cures.

        That is spreading terror in my book.

        1. What she says “I hope you get cancer!!”? Supposed indirect perceived threats are still not terrorism. Disagreeing with options to combat something is not terror either. If she said no I dont trust chemo therapy for treatment, thats not terrorism, thats her opinion.

          1. She doesn’t suggest people don’t use chemo – she actively steers people toward therapies that are known not to work. That’s not an issue.

            Disagreeing isn’t terrorism either.

            However, she tells people that chemicals in their food that are there to stop them spoiling are TOXIC – that creates terror. I have friends at the front of this fight who are threatened with violence because they believe her shit. She uses words like toxic and carcinogenic quite freely. That terrorises people and those people will go out and act.

            Vani and the privileged few are making it harder for scientists to work, distracting them from helping people who don’t have our advantages.

            And people are dying as a direct result – but we’re poor (yes, I am one of the poor. I’m lucky enough to have a safety net).

            Anjem Choudary did the same sort of thing in England – and the law has now decided that he is, in effect, a terrorist. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

            You think it’s OK that Kevin Folta when through what he did – for months of savage personal attacks on his family – because of Vani and her like? [That’s rhetorical if it’s not obvious.]

            But I guess you (unlike Kevin and I) are not named in her FOIA requests, right?

          2. She is welcome to give her opinion on anything she wishes up to the point of slander, legally.

            Its still not terrorism, sorry.

            People are not dying because of a food blogger, Jesus Christ big boy.

          3. Tell that to the people who are dying of (treatable) cancers because they follow her ideas on B17, raw milk or vaccination. I’m sure they’d love to hear it.

          4. @marcdraco:disqus I do not agree with @relo627:disqus on most things, but he is right when he says that FoodBabe is NOT a terrorist. Please stop mudslinging on my site. Foodbabe is a pseudoscientific fear-mongerer, but she does NOT use violence, and therefore is NOT a terrorist.

          5. You might not agree with me – but you just called her a fear-monger. You do understand that one is essentially the same as the other?

          6. Terrorism is the use of VIOLENCE or THREATS OF VIOLENCE to force political change. Examples would be ISIS beheading westerners to spread radical Islam, or the KKK lynching blacks or threaten death on anyone who would be against racial segregation.

            Fear-Mongering is over-representing specific facts, cherry-picking, lying, or using myths to get people to be afraid of benign objects, such as GMO’s, Vaccines, Wifi, Doctors, Medicine, etc. This includes spreading fear by perpetuating End of the World Prophecies which cause people who sell emergency supplies to sell more goods faster.

            The only thing Vani would be guilty of is spreading misleading and inaccurate information and using that fear to make commission off of “organic” or “natural” products.

            I don’t know why you are comparing Vani, a woman who spreads lies about Cheeze-its being made from Butane, to Anjem Choudary, a man who supports the Islamic state, praised the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and was arrested and charged with supporting terrorism. Which need I remind you that free-speech is non-existent is Britain. That is irresponsible and can easily be considered libel.

            Vani is scum, don’t get me wrong, but no, she is not a terrorist. And no, terrorism is NOT the same as Fear-Mongering, the same way there is a big difference between Yellow Journalism and Plagiarism.

        2. Here I have to agree with relo627.She might be honestly confused or she might intentionaly mislead poeople for her own profit, which is despicable. It might even result in people being hurt or suffer needlessly, but it does not constitute the act of terrorism.

    1. Just going to post this here: Food Babe is someone who is scientifically illiterate, Natural News is a Yellow Journalism source. No charlatan mentioned is a terrorist. Terrorism is directly associated with the use or threatened use of violence to promote political aims. FOIA requests, harassment, fear-mongering, and lying does not terrorism make.

      Don’t dilute such a term. Doing so hurts real victims of terrorism. Calm down everyone. And that includes @marcdraco:disqus @relo627:disqus @tiffanie_wilson:disqus and @captainwomble:disqus

          1. The bigwig conglomerate biotech/chemical companies need to be held fully accountable & liable for tampering with & taking over our food supply while destroying people’s health and our planet, while they are at it! Not Vandana Shiva for goodness sakes! They fit the bill for terrorism, in my opinion.

          2. False! GMOs are not safe. A bad choice by the farmers after being lied to and taken by biotech with their pretty brochures. It’s not their fault. Can you please share any long term safety studies showing they are safe for human consumption?

          3. Stop infantilizing farmers. That’s paternalistic and obnoxious. Farmers are adults who can think for themselves, they don’t need your pseudoscientific elitist hand to guide them from harm.

          4. The pseudo-scientific elitist is coming from the pseudo-scientific biotech bull$#@! They were clearly romanced and entertained with the fact that this was a wonderful, innovative approach to today’s farming and every farmer should do it because it is the latest and greatest thing, so they bought into the brainwashing. You being a mod to this article is sounding very biased and industry sounding. Have you been brainwashed also? Hmmm!?!

          5. Infantilizing? Is this what you call it? Farmers who are adult can be duped into something that sounds amazing and promising, especially if they are told that this can increase yields and profits which until today, it has not.

          6. I asked you to provide us with long term safety studies showing they are safe for human consumption? And as I assumed, you can’t.!

          7. Can you please share any long term safety studies showing they are safe for human consumption?

            This is a dishonest argument. Long term consumption studies are not done for any new food cultivar. There is no scientific reason to assume GM cultivars are more likely to be harmful than cultivars bred through other means. The term GMO also takes in things like GM insulin, which has actually improved health outcomes according to the peer reviewed literature.

          8. It is dishonest to say “bigwig conglomerate biotech/chemical companies” are destroying our health and taking over the food supply. Claims like that are right up there with the ones about UFO aliens abducting folk and giving them anal probes.

      1. I that case – you don’t understand the meaning of the word and you haven’t seen the very real threats faced by scientists. These movements ARE political and they are generating their own brand of people who do use violence.

        Just because you’ve never experienced it, doesn’t mean it’s not going on.

  2. Who assaults plant breeders? Unreal.

    Can you imagine if this was a climate scientist conference–this would be all over the news. But ironically, climate antagonists are better behaved.

    1. It seems that there are some people out there who think these sorts of activities are an acceptable way to make a political point. It is as if they have convinced themselves that they are at war with new breeding technologies.

      There really does seem to be strong parallels in thinking with some terrorist organisations.

  3. People make mistakes. Better Practice Agreements have been ignored. Accountability helps, but the bottom line is prepare for the worst that can happen because it happens.

  4. Well that’s sad and alarming. People need to express their concerns without causing damage to property like this. Clearly they crossed a line and need to express their outrage in a more civil and productive manner.

    That said, calling this (or equating this) to terrorism is neither rational nor responsible. Media (including social media) needs to be more reasonable and less hyperbolic. Equating protests with terrorism is silly, and potentially dangerous.

      1. Our health and the well-being of our planet is under attacked by the greedy industry. Is that not a form of terrorism? I do not advocate for terrorism and this behavior was uncalled for but it is a far cry from labelling it terrorism. Concerned People who care about these things are obviously pissed because nobody is listening to their legitimate and factual concerns.

          1. Spare me your propagandist fear mongering and antiscience gibberish. You wouldn’t even recognise credible journalism if you saw it (let alone be able to produce it.)

    1. Oh please, Rob. You are anti-GM and also a rabid anti-vaxer and raw milk enthusiast whose comments are generally nothing other than insults and unsubstantiated applications. Here is an example from two days ago:

      “These pro-GMO activists and spokespeople are pretty well trained to make ‘black’ look ‘white,’ and make [bad] sound “awesome.” It’s all in their Ketchum playbook of PR spin and pseudoscience. Considering they likely only get about 5 cent per post from the agrochemical industry, they must have to spend hours and hours each day spouting off this antiscience gibberish.

      Childish stuff.

      1. Geez, coming from a well known pro-GMO activist and spokesperson who has been trolling social media for years, your comment is not surprising. Not credible, either.

  5. It is amazing how these superior self-proclaimed geniuses sink to the gutter when their ideas are challenged and they have no rational argument.

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