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Vegan? But What If Grocery Stores Shut Down? The Survivalist Argument.

I often don’t talk about dumb arguments that I hear, but I have started to recently. And this has been one that I heard on a few occasions. This is a fallacy that I have seen that I dub The Survivalist Argument. It often goes like this:

“If all the grocery stores shut down, would you hunt for meat to survive?”

grocery stores


Or as otherwise worded like:

“If the Zombie Apocalypse occurred…”

“If a nuclear warhead hit and you were left with little to no plant life…”

“If you were stranded on a deserted island….”

You know, THAT argument. The one that has almost no chance of actually coming into fruition.

In reality, I think most vegans would try to remain vegan for awhile, stop when they realize they can’t without severe nutrient deficiencies, and then sadly start hunting and trapping. But many might go back vegan once they find a way to safely commit to agriculture and grow their beans and leafy greens.

The thing is, veganism is only able to be done “as far as possible and practicable.” If you cannot be vegan because you live in a situation where hunting is the only way to get food, which is extremely rare in the first world mind you, than it is understandable to most vegans that you eat meat.

However, you don’t live in those conditions, and won’t for a long time. Most people can’t trap or shoot an animal anyways due to lack of skill and experience, but hey, it’s great for many people to think they have so much experience about wilderness survival from The Zombie Survival Guide and from playing Tomb Raider and Minecraft and rarely ever going outside.

The conditions we live in right now, and for all of the foreseeable future so far, is that we have grocery stores and gas stations, and fast food places because we failed to learn how to even properly cook anymore, so we have instant noodles and 5 minute rice. So as of right now, in 2016, we have the ability to be vegan because animal products are not necessary for survival and we have a wide array of food choices.

So unless you are planning on living in a forest and shooting, skinning, cutting, preserving, and cooking your own squirrels and raccoons, I see no point of this argument instead of trying to bait vegans into being in a situation where they would eat animals. It serves no purpose. It is a complete non-argument. You don’t even have to answer it if it pops up. It’s that useless.