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Unnatural Vegan V. Jen Journey. Is Telling The Truth Harmful To Veganism?

For those of you who read this blog often, I try not to mention too much drama here. I try to simply talk about plant- based health, and fast food places. However, since this is a topi in relation to holistic quackery, I decided that it is about time for me to make a post about it.

So Jen Journey is a vegan YouTuber who has stage 4 cancer and the doctors told her she only had a certain amount of time to live. As a last ditch hope, Jen Journey went to her fans and e-begged for tens of thousands of dollars to pay for a therapy known as Gerson Therapy, who runs its operations out of the country because the United States has deemed it to be a sham therapy.

Dr Michael Greger, even though I dislike the guy, along with many other vegan researchers has done research into this therapy, and concluded that it is harmful. Juice cleanses and coffee enemas, which the therapy is known for, does nothing to cure cancer, but they lured in Jen with the promise of being able to cure her cancer. Having family who have died of cancer myself, it pisses me off to think that companies are scamming fragile worries people in their last months of life with bullsh*t claims of being able to cure stage 4 cancer.

Unnatural Vegan made a video telling people that if they donated to Jen, they are being directly responsible for her uncomfortable death, and telling people that Gerson Therapy is a scam therapy, and if someone wanted to donate money to make her last months as comfortable as possible, that would be a great cause to donate to.

Jen got enough money to pay over 5000 a week out of pocket for this therapy, which I remind you is coffee enemas and juice cleanses, so the price is awfully high. And despite what the witch doctors might have said, Jen was getting sicker in that sham clinic. I know that because Juice does not cure cancer. There is no “Holistic” way to cure cancer. Period. Injecting cow liver directly into the bloodstream also doesn’t sound very vegan.

Jen later died a few weeks after her donations dried out and she was kicked from the clinic. Now a lot of people, who already had hate for Unnatural Vegan for being honest about veganism, is getting hate for simply telling the truth about Gerson therapy. Many people even going as far as to tell people that it is Unnatural Vegan’s fault Jen died, and that she is directly responsible and is a murderer for the fact that people who donated to Jen ran out of money or did research into it and stopped donating.

If Jen died in that clinic, people would probably just think she was too far gone or whatever. Let’s do everything but point out the massive elephant in the room!

So is being honest and open about sham therapy harmful to veganism? No.

I have no issue with pointing out that Jen worked entirely on the emotion of fear and refused any conventional cancer treatment or comfort treatment. Jen honestly believed that fruit cleanses for over 5000 a week would cure her cancer. Now if she spent her own money nobody would care, but she begged her followers to donate for her to take this obviously scam therapy. Informing the public is not a crime, and the actions that arise from the public for being told the truth is not the fault of the messenger.

This emotionally-driven anger at someone who simply mentioned facts is harmful to veganism. Who is going to think of veganism as the logical step to take when vidoes claiming “Logic VS Empathy – Why Unnatural Vegan’s Video About Jen Journey Set Veganism Back” come out, implying that veganism is no place for the logical?

I am sure nobody who is into reality and care about animal rights is going to be influenced by accusations of a vegan telling the truth. The reaction to her being honest is what is hurting veganism.

For anyone who is reading this, here is the only thing that you should take away from this: Juice and Coffee will NEVER cure cancer, and telling people that it won’t isn’t “murder.” Anti-pseudoscience is not pro-murder. Jen was going to die in that clinic, or out of it, and if you think that Jen Journey would have been cured on Gerson Therapy, this blog is not something you should be reading.

You are not helping Jen or honoring her death by accusing someone of killing her by mentioning facts. Empathy is good for veganism, yes, but these temper tantrums are far from helpful to the movement.