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Why Global Warming Is Still A Fact Despite Ice Cap Increases

A weird phenomina is happening in terms of climatology, in which the arctic ice caps are melting, and at an all-time low, but the ANarctic ice caps are growing. Why is this?

Well, we can be rest assured that a cooling effect is not happened over the whole of Antarctica, in fact, temperatures in that area are drastically warming as well. And to be honest, this warming is probably the main cause of the ice cap increase.

“What? How can Global Warming cause MORE ice!? What about Al Gore!?”

The warmer ocean temperatures are creating for precipitation at the south pole, and as a result, the falling precipitation just adds to the already present ice. Along with a wide multitude of other complex factors, for insteance, SkepticalScience says:

“Increasing southern sea ice is due to a combination of complex phenomena including cyclonic winds around Antarctica and changes in ocean circulation.”

Global warming

I get it though, Al Gore said that he predicted the ice caps to be gone by 2014… but Al Gore is not even a scientist, so any prediction that he made is unqualified. He has no degree in environmental science and could not make such a precise claim, especially back in 2006 when all this debate among laymen was just starting.

This is why we should all be skeptical of claims by people, instead of just what the science says. Even if Al Gore had a PhD in environmental science, it would not have changed the facts much. Just having a degree doesn’t mean you are correct.

But in terms of human-caused climate change, the peer-reviewed scientific research on the field, as well as almost all scientists who continuously publish research findings in the field, agree that it is a thing. Resorting to petty excuses by those who don’t understand the basics of the science, does not do anything but to persuade gullible people who are likely to believe anything so long as it can be made into a conspiracy.

Through the acceptance of global warming and other environmental issues, we have developed technology that is lighter, uses less energy, costs less to use, and damages our planet less. Or in the terms of a famous comic strip:

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