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Why I Quit Veganism, And Still Promote It.

Starting a few days ago, I quit veganism. I started adding a small amount of chicken and a little bit of dairy products back into my diet, and my reasoning for this is personal, and selfish.

Veganism is a great diet and is one of the healthiest ones on the planet when you do it properly, but if you don’t do it properly it can be really detrimental to your health. So as a (former) vegan who cares first and foremost about health, I did not want to put it on the line due to the issues below that stopped me from properly doing such.

I have been really stressed with a lot of things lately, and in order to lower the stress I kicked out many stressors, one of those was constantly jotting down all of the foods I ate and worrying if my end of day calories was higher than, say, 2000. Du to not checking to see if I was eating right, I could not be sure what I was or was not deficient in, so I could not possibly eat vegan healthfully, and thus stopped.

That is not to say that I went back to my old eating habits of junky meat-laden foods, I eat poultry, I try to avoid dairy but do eat it at times, and egg products are basically at 0. I refuse to eat beef or pork, If I can I will buy products with the least amount of animal ingredients, I will continue to eat vegan and vegetarian food products whenever possible, and I will still eat tons of vegetables, and will continue to drink almond and soy milk instead of regular.

But the feeling of relief that I felt the day after I stopped veganism has to be one of the best feelings ever in the world. I was no longer restricted by 95% of all stores and restaurant menus. I no longer had to constantly check the ingredient lists to be sure I can even eat something (although I still do). And better yet, I no longer fear morbid backlash from fellow vegans if I slip up or get extremely stressed and decide to eat a chocolate glazed donut hole or 4.

My diet will follow more of a Mediterranean Diet approach, although Flexiterian works fine too.

But that said, it is not the fault of veganism that I stopped, it was my own personal issues. Veganism is a very healthy, if not one of the healthiest, dietary choices that you can make in your life, and I still recommend it. I will keep writing about veganism as well, along with other health-related topics. As you might have known I barely wrote on this site in the past month, that was also something I reduced due to a lot of stress. My Eating Vegetarian At series will continue, along with talking about vegan news.

I do wish to go back vegan within the next few months, if not simply lacto-vegetarian again. Right now I am just going to try to take it easy, and I apologize to my readers and fellow vegans.