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Plant Sterols and Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease?

Plant sterols, also known as Phytosterols, or Plant-Based Cholesterol, is seen to be as bad cholesterol in meat in many cases, and worse in others. Wonderful and totally non-biased sources (ha!) such as Authority Nutrition give these phytosterols a particularly bad rap, but why? Because Phytosterols are biologically similar, but not equal to, dietary cholesterol, […]

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Can Eggs Be Vegan? What is a Veggan?

There are apparently a group of people called Veggan ‘s, who believe that the consumption of eggs fits within vegan guidelines, because the eggs were not “unethically” taken from the hen. And to be honest, they have a point. Yes, veganism IS strictly defined as having NO animal products at all. None. No honey, no […]

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Woman Opens Up Gourmet Vegan Restaurant, Gets Labeled A Hero?

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]othing against the vegan restaurant, it’s a pretty cool looking restaurant and if I lived in the area I would definitely eat there… but heroic? The resturant is called Stuff I Eat and is a high end vegan cuisine restaurant. wrote a Facebook post claiming “Opening a vegan restaurant is amazing—but opening one in […]

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