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Being Vegan At A Gas Station?

I did a little experiment and stopped at several gas stations within the past few weeks to gain information about the insides, and what they sell that is vegan. I then used that information to determine if it is possible to live comfortably on only food eaten from gas stations, and the results were all over the place. I stopped at Go-lo, Marathon, Sav-a-Stop, Lukes, Sheetz, Speedway, and my neighborhood gas station.

Go-lo, Sav-a-stop, Marathon, and Lukes were the worst offenders, with Go-lo and Lukes being the worst of them all. Lukes only has potato chips, nuts, seeds, fruit (apples, oranges, and bananas), and nasty pickles. Go-lo had even less than that which was vegan. Marathon had canned corn, cereal, vegetable oil, tomato soup, etc, but was lacking in canned beans, which without is hard to get sufficient protein on a vegan diet.

Some pasta and vegan pasta sauce at my nearest gas station

My neighborhood gas station has actually pretty good, they had wheat bread, canned fruit, chili beans, pasta, oil, cereal, condiments, seeds, nuts, etc. In fact, I calculated a diet made entirely from foods found at my local gas station, and found that aside from being low in B12 and Vitamin D (most vegan diets that are not full of fortified foods will be low in these key nutrients, which is why supplementation is good) it was only otherwise low in Calcium.

And that brings me to the larger gas stations. It isn’t until you reach Wawa, Sheetz, or Speedway that you really start to be able to live more comfortably as a vegan. From a larger selection of foods like beans and breads, to foods that can be made fresh for you in the kitchen, such as Wawa’s vegan Superfood Salad, and Sheetz has the veggie burrito.

The main thing I have seen so far that is slightly annoying, but not a huge issue, is the complete lack of milk alternatives. I would LOVE to see a gas station decide to include more almond milk or soy milk options alongside the regular milk, where there is typically numerous brands of. Granted, you can take a banana, add a little water, and literally blend them together to make Banana Milk for cereals, but that still does not include Calcium.

It is indeed possible to eat a pretty healthy vegan diet at specific gas stations, mainly larger ones. But not only will doing this be difficult, as most gas stations are not equipped for nutritional adequacy, but it will also be fairly expensive. You can buy a pound of bananas as a local food mart for less than 50 cents, which is about 3-4 bananas, but you can buy maybe 1 or 2 bananas at a gas station for a dollar.

You certainly would have a really hard time meeting every one of your nutritional needs as a vegan at a gas station, but for vegan snacks, or even vegan meals, they should do just fine.