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Vegans Have A Cow Over Australian Lamb Ad

So an ad played in Australia that was pretty action-packed. This organization went to retrieve Australians who were in other countries and bring them back to Austrailia so they can celebrate in an Austrailian holiday with lamb. Or in other terms:

Their mission to save Australians abroad from going without the essential lamb barbecue on Australia Day.

Operation Boomerang is the brainchild of commander Lee Lin Chin. Having spent Australia Day 1996 in Warsaw, without ‘a char grilled chop in sight’, she vowed to ‘never let that happen to another Australian again’.

I found the video to be funny. But why did this video stir up so much controversy over the past few days? Well, the video portrayed a total of 8 seconds in their two minute video where they made a joke about vegans.

As a repsonse to this few second retort, many vegans on the internet went haywire, attacking the ad, and lodging over 300 complaints about the ad in just days after it aired.


Many responded by showing images of lambs being brutally slaughtered, but many decided to complain about it because of “discrimination” and “violence towards vegans.” Because that’s what we need to do, attack a satirical FICTIONAL ad for portraying something satirical and fictional.

Aside from the vegans, there is also a subgroup of fanatics trying to claim the ad as “racist” because of the “f*ck white people” mentality that many privileged first worlders have when typing on their cell phones or raging on their computer in an air-conditioned house. I thought we got over racism in 2016, apparently not.

But the rage over a fictional satirical advertisement because it portrays fantasy violence against an actor’s bowl of kale is just sad for the vegan movement. Especially when you are going as far as to try to get the commercial pulled or banned because you don’t like it! If you are against fantasy violence in a commercial, why not be against fantasy violence in Mad Max? Batman? Japanese RPG video games? Anime? Children’s cartoons where someone gets whacked with a hammer? The only reason anyone has an issue with THIS instance of fantasy violence is because it is directed at a caricature of them, and they don’t like it.

This is, in my opinion, why many more people are not going vegan. Vegetarianism has not increased since 1999 according to Gallup and the reason is partly due to the horrifically bad PR that veganism has. And why does veganism have a bad PR? Because it is full of bad vegans.

Like I have said in many other posts I have written, my fellow vegans need to calm down and stop attacking everyone who just happens to make a snide remark about them. Many vegans are awesome and won’t attack silly ads for being silly. But the hoards that do are what is hurting veganism. Overzealous vegans will be the downfall of veganism.