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Medicinal Mythology: Ginger Ale and Upset Stomachs

Does Ginger Ale really help alleviate the symptoms of an upset stomach? The answer is… maybe?

There is very little evidence even pertaining to this claim, despite even the National Library of Medicine itself parroting the claim, but I can tell you that if it has anything to do with the Ginger in the soda, most versions of Ginger Ale doesn’t have any. Canada Dry Ginger Ale seems to be one of the only versions to actually claim to have real ginger in it, but it is then that we run into a snag.

Ginger itself is known to have a slight benefit in alleviating an upset stomach, and even that is ginger in very small quantities, and very few benefits. The issue we run into is whether or not Canada Dry really has ginger in it. They claim that they do, but it’s not even mentioned in the ingredients list, unless it is coupled on the bottom with “Natural Flavors.” If that is the case, then how much ginger is is Canada Dry Ginger Ale?

It took me a few minutes, but I found Canada Dry Motts FAQ, which states:


So according to this information, there might not even be a single gram of Ginger in a whole 12 oz can! Science has shown that simply 0.5 grams of ginger can help alleviate symptoms of an upset stomach, but since you have to sip the drink when you have an upset stomach in order to not induce vomiting, and drink the soda flat, you might not be getting enough ginger in anyways. Even Canada Dry Motts says

“We are not claiming any health benefits of ginger in Ginger Ale.”

Ginger Ale is not even a healthy drink anyways, as it contains quite a lot of calories from sugar, and very little else. If you want any benefits of Ginger, just buy some Ginger Root and boil it for a few minutes. It’s not as if ginger is expensive or hard to find.

3 thoughts on “Medicinal Mythology: Ginger Ale and Upset Stomachs”

  1. I travel the country a lot, and have had real ginger soda. (Pieces of ginger are floating in it) It works great to alleviate the symptoms of an upset stomach. It’s kinda spicy, and burns a little. I don’t drink much soda, so that could just be because I’m not used to it. I highly recommend it over Canada Dry, or the other major sugar water brands for an upset stomach.

    1. I love how you called it “Major sugar water,” because that’s basically what these soda brands are, just a ton of sugar and flavorings and almost nothing else.

      I do wish to try a real ginger soda at least once, but I might not like it because I am not a huge fan of ginger…

      1. I cant remember the name-brand, but I do know I bought it in Iowa. And its not as potent as say raw ginger they serve with sushi. None of that kinda soapy taste.

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