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How To Save Time and Money On (Healthy) Food

Cook in Bulk And The Freeze For Later

I just started doing this recently. I bought a huge bag of potatoes, not realizing that I don’t eat too many potatoes. As a result, some of the potatoes started to go bad. As a way to save them, I baked the remaining good potatoes, wrapped them in Aluminum foil, and placed them in the freezer so they will last much longer!

You can do this with many other things as well, such as sweet potatoes, bean soups (don’t use noodles, they go bad when recooked), chili, cut bananas, and even extra loaves of bread. This shocked me at first because I thought bread got mushy when frozen, but not only does it not do that, but many restaurants use it for their bread products, and they are doing fine.

This also saves time because all you have to do to eat it is heat it up in the oven or microwave! No more stating that healthy food takes too much time to make when you can make a healthy lentil soup in your time off in bulk and just plop it in the freezer in serving sizes.

Don’t Buy Organic

Organic food is nothing more than overpriced, There seems to be minor benefits due to slightly more Phytonutrients in some organically grown foods, but increasing Phytonutrient content in an already plant based diet (a diet already full of them) doesn’t have any known benefit.

So buying conventional foods will not only increase the amount of food that you are able to buy (who wants to travel long distances for foods with few real benefits?) but in some instances half what you buy in regards to certain food products. But if you can find cheaper organic products, go for it.

Wait For Deals And Buy In Bulk

I almost never wait for deals, personally. However, just the other day, I got a big deal on bread, getting two loaves of wheat bread for a whopping 0.99! When there is a sale on something you buy a lot of anyways, do try to buy a lot, however, do remember that sometimes generic brands might still be cheaper than an on-sale brand name.

I also like to buy things in a larger sizes when possible and practicable. I would never buy a large thing of Vegannaise, because we just don’t use it enough for that to make any sense. However, I will buy a larger packet of Splenda to last me a longer amount of time.

Take extra condiments and Sweetener When Visiting Fast Food

You might not think much of this, but all of the hot sauce I use is saved from Taco Bell. I have also saved some money by using some Splenda packets from there as well. Now this does not save much money at all, but as long as you don’t take handfuls, many fast food places will have no issue with giving you hot sauce, mustard, kethup, salt, pepper, sugar, coffee creamer, or sweeteners.

Lay Off The Junk Food

Potato Chips, Soda, candy, etc, are often really low in nutrition, not really filling, and high in sugar. As a result, they are usually just a waste of money.

If you are Vegan, eat less processed vegan food! Vegan and vegetarian meat substitutes generally cost MUCH more than their meaty counterparts. I believe 6 vegetarian Morninstar Hot Dogs is like, 3 dollars a package, but typical hot dogs are as low as 79 cents for a pack of 8. So yeah, careful when bingeing on vegan foods.

Saving money on food is really simple, it’s just not as convenient.