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Dominoes Rejects Vegan Menu Options

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, submitted a vote to be taken by the Dominoes shareholders to add vegan cheese and meat options to the menu. In an overwhelming majority, only 0.28% of shareholders voted in favor of the menu options, despite being over 100,000 votes, more than 43 million votes were against it. According to the Dominoes Board of Directors:

Like and prudent restaurant operation, we only add new items to our menu when there is meaningful consumer demand for that product, We have yet to see clear indication of that demand which would suggest that we add it to the menu of our more than 5,000 U.S. stores and, therefore, the Board cannot and does not support this proposal.

Even Dominoes Vice President had this to say:

We’re constantly looking at consumer trends and new things. There has been no sign of consumer demand, We know a little bit more about launching products than they do. We know a little more about running our company than they do.

Dominoes even claimed that they tried out vegan cheese before, and it did not work out.

As a vegan myself, I think vegan cheese on Dominoes pizza would be great! Maybe add some kind of vegan sausage or veggie crumble, I’d definitely buy Pizza more often. But since there is no demand for vegan cheese, there will be very little supply.

I think that instead of trying to coerce already established companies to give vegan menu options,¬†which many simply won’t, more effort should go into opening vegan-friendly restaurants and drive-thru’, like Amy’s Drive-Thru. If Pizza Hut, or Dominoes, or McDonalds decides to start serving vegan food, that’s a plus, but the most benefit will come from allowing companies to choose for themselves, and by opening new companies to compete with the big giants.