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What Are Toxins In Relation To Diet?

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]o, I am seriously asking, what are these toxins? Being told that you are eating a diet full of toxins is a mainstay of modern organic activists. They claim that conventional foods have pesticides and herbicides (so do organic crops) that contribute to toxins building up inside our body.

Never, not once, have I ever heard a single pro-organic activist define what a toxin really is without conflicting with everyone else, or using an extremely broad brush. We hear that toxins come from bottled water, tap water, GMO’s, cell phones, laptops, microwaves, food additives, processed foods, pesticides, etc. No explaining why, how, or any evidence that GMO’s or Tap Water literally effect humans for the worse. And there are many smoothie-pushing people yelling that we all need to “detox.” Such as people like Food Babe, who earn their living flat-out lying to people.

But what about what the science says about toxins in your body? Oh right, in the way it is used, that word isn’t even mentioned in scientific literature. You would have to check every little toxin and check all of the claims said about them against scientific literature to know if what these activists are saying is accurate or not, and let’s be honest who has that kind of time? All we know is that “Detoxing” is indeed a medical term… for people suffering with drug or alcohol addiction, or an actual chemical exposure.

According to the data, there is no evidence to show that detox diets are effective in any way. However, there is one study that showed that eating a very low calorie detox diet caused weight loss, surprise surprise!

What can one do to eliminate these “toxins” in their diet? Follow an elitist diet plan not accessible to people who have low expendable incomes for food, or have a job/little time to do all this stuff. Of this plan includes organic everything, nothing but whole-plant foods and grass-fed beef, smoothie detox shakes, relaxing in a sauna, and expensive vitamin supplementation. So for most people, even pretending this works is not a viable option.

So in terms of worrying about whether or not your couch will kill you, or whether eating a plant-based diet with a cup of tap water will cause cancer, I say not to worry about it. Because almost all of the claims touted by these “everything will kill you” precolonialists just happen to be false. Especially if they are trying to sell you actually poisonous substances like Vitamin B-17, found in apricot seeds, also known as…. Cyanide.