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FDA Stops Attacking Just Mayo For Lack Of Eggs

In one of the dumbest news stories of the day, the FDA and the Egg Board decided to attack Just Mayo because it does not contain the saturated fat laiden and popular allergen: Eggs. Claiming that you can’t call something Mayo if it doesn’t contain eggs. They also debated over the use of the word “just”, which many people can believe to mean “only” and not by it’s other definition, “guided by reason, justice, and fairness.”

Thankfully this battle is over, and Just Mayo was able to keep their trademark name. The FDA writes in an email to Business Insider:

“The FDA and the company met to discuss the issues cited in the warning letter and worked together to address them. The company committed to making labeling changes to ensure its products are labeled in a manner that is truthful and not misleading,” wrote an FDA spokesperson. “Therefore, the FDA considers the issues cited in the warning letter to be resolved and will issue a close out letter soon.”

So Hampton creek has made minor changes to their logo, defining the use of the word Just, and mentioning clearly that the product is Egg-Free. The top is the old label, the bottom is the new.


just mayo

Just Mayo themselves also made a statement about this, holding no ill will towards the FDA:

Our outdated food system is the thread running through much of what’s broken—from diabetes to food deserts to the decline of our family farms. From Birmingham to Boston, folks don’t believe good food for everyone is possible. But today’s decision by a thoughtful group at our nation’s FDA proves it is possible.

And this isn’t a story about winning or losing. It’s a story about how our food system can be the thread running through much of what’s good in this world. A food system that’s healthier and stronger and more aligned with our values. A food system where the right thing is the easiest thing for a single mom working at a hair salon trying to raise two sons.

Thankfully, this is just one of many cases that has been brought up against vegan foodstuffs within the past few years, including a very similar class-action lawsuit claiming that soymilk can’t be milk, because it doesn’t come from cows. That lawsuit was thrown out for stretching a bit too far. Another lawsuit happened trying to get a Cashew Cheese maker to not use the term “Cheese” because it was not made of milk.

Looks like someone is trying to oppress the competition. And it’s not working.