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Anti-GMO Group Bomb Pro-GMO Organization

What’s the best way to show everyone that your group is based on science and evidence and not dangerous emotion-based ideologies? Send them Bombs and Bomb Threats of course!

A Latin America newly formed Pro-GMO group called “Alianza Pro Transgenicos,” translated to “Alliance For Transgentics”, was the victim of two different bombings of the alliance, happening a day apart from each other (the 19th and 20th of November), and injuring 4 people. The first bomb went off, and the second bomb was sent to authorities for investigation.

An anti-GMO group took credit for this attack, stating (Sorry for Grammar, it is translated from Spanish):

“In this case overlap and associations seeking to protect themselves, hiding behind him, with a friendly and pathetic disfraz- nefarious interests, as is The Alliance for GM, led by Ruben Chavez Villagran, composed of 31 members, being led by Monsanto, Syngenta , Agrobio Mexico, among others.

That said, we vindicate the attacks (during the third week of November) through bombs and incendiary packages to National Agricultural Council, given its location in the Narvarte colony, and the company Crop Protection, Science and Technology, located in the Mixcoac Nonoalco colony, both in the Benito Juarez Mexico City. These two companies are active members of The Alliance for GM. With these attacks we are fully aware that we will not stop his campaign and efforts, artificialize wild nature, but as already discussed above, not only nature suffer the damage, otherwise they will be extended to those directly responsible.”

The Pro-GMO group states that the attacks are scare tactics, and that they will continue with their work. And this isn’t even the first violent act against pro-GMO groups in the past year, there has been 4 altogether!

It’s quite sad that scientific achievements, like Genetic Modification of plants, which has a large amount of good, is being attacked for reasons that are not even true. Especially in terms of bomb threats. Why should I take Anti-GMO arguments seriously if some are going to go to such an extreme to fight against¬†advancement?