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Perdue Employee Faces Four Felony Charges

” [dropcap]M[/dropcap]istreatment or abuse of animals is never tolerated. All associates handling live animals are provided training, including their responsibility to report any violations of our animal welfare policies. We also provide an anonymous, toll-free hotline, operated by an independent, third-party, to provide a secure method to report any violations without fear of retaliation.”

States the Perdue Animal Welfare Statement. This statement apparently does not mean much, according to a video taken by a whistleblower. The whistleblower is associated with the group Mercy For Animals, who was running an undercover investigation of Perdue’s claims of ethical treatment of animals before slaughter.

As shown by the investigation, chickens were being stomped on, hurled against the wall, stuffed inside cages, many limping because a leg would be broken, some had eyes poked out, and many lied dead inside the cage for several days, decomposing. Doesn’t sound like they met that statement very well…

This is what your Cage-free eggs look like. Ignoring that their beaks are usually burned off as well.
This is what your Cage-free eggs look like. Ignoring that their beaks are usually burned off as well.

I am not even an ethical vegan, and the way that the chickens were handled in that video was shocking. I mean, it’s 2015, you would think that animals would be treated with a little bit of dignity at the very least! And just think, I believe those were Cage-free chickens, USDA verified to be “humanely raised”, which brings the other issue as to why anyone would think Cage-free eggs are in any way more humane than caged eggs?

In fact, the way these animals are treated is trivialized and protected in such a way that simply recording what goes on inside a slaughterhouse or chicken farm and showing it to the public is deemed as illegal in any places. Yeah, knowing what happens to your food before you purchase or eat it is illegal now, no wonder the biggest forms of foodborn illness are caused by feces-covered animals at slaughterhouses.

In fact, I am glad that this guy was arrested and charged with 4 counts of felony animal cruelty, such actions should not be tolerated.