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Yes, I am a Pro-GMO Vegan

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] can already see an angry mob of health nuts running after my site with pitchforks, calling for my head and telling me I am some sort of Monsanto shill. But you know what? The evidence comes before Feelings.


There is no peer reviewed studies or systematic reviews/meta-analysis that shows that GMO’s cause cancer, autism, or any other disorder. In fact, GMO’s are almost identical to organic produce, the only difference is a small part of their DNA chain caused by a gene gun shooting microscopic particles with part of another organisms DNA in it, the gold does not replicate, and the small genetic mutation, which doesn’t harm humans and has been happening naturally for hundreds of millions of years, is fine.

I have heard this weird notion that the DNA of the GMO plants somehow infuses into our DNA and causes havoc into our body… because that’s definitely how food science works… totally. Yea-no, while genetic fragments survive the horribly strong gut acid in our stomachs, these fragments don’t do anything, and certainly do not cause genetic changes in a human being.

“GMO-resistant plants cause pesticide use to increase, and lack of plants causes Colony Collapse Disorder!!!”

There has been numberus claims about the causes of colony collapse disorder, such as Global Warming, Agriculture, and even Cell Phone Use. But as of this date, scientists still have no clue what is causing CCD, and all they know is that it has plateaued in recent years. It is believed that various factors might be involved.

However, overuse of herbicide might be just one potential factor in why the Monarch Butterfly is vanishing, but only one potential factor.

“Pesticides and Herbicides are harming the native wildlife!!!”

Yes they do, which is why it is awesome that Genetically Modified crops use 37% less pesticides than Organic farms.

“But… but… Organic food is healthier for you!!!”

According to all the evidence we have to date, there is little evidence to show that organic food has more nutrients than GMO products. In fact, GMO products use less pesticide and produces more product than organic grown produce. The only thing Organic food is higher in, is a price tag.


Neither is air conditioning, in fact, that may even be sexist (joke. Although that’s a real news article) Very few people who are anti-GMO refuse to drive a car, ride a bike, wear clothing or shoes, live outside, not use the internet, or any other unnatural thing. Nor do I see any of them drink a few spoonfuls of 100% all-natural Cyanide.

“GMO’s are all bad!!!”

Many developing countries are suffering from Vitamin A deficiency that is killing off hundreds of thousands of young children, and Golden Rice, a type of rice designed to be high in Vitamin A, was designed to combat the blindness and death that young children face as the result of nutrient deficiency. But many won’t get this benefit because people who are scared of science fought to ban this rice. So hundreds of thousands of deaths are 100% caused by anti-GMO proponants, and how many deaths are caused by Genetically Modified foods? There is no scientific evidence of any.

So what is really more dangerous? Potential health issues that might happen maybe? Or deaths that WILL happen as a result of NOT giving out this food?

GMO crops have more yields, use less herbicides and pesticides, use less land as a result of growing more per plant, and have the potential of even using less water then Organic crops. Also, they cost less.

So yes, I am Pro-GMO. The science on the effects they have on the human body are not 100% conclusive, but from all the studies shown, there is little evidence to go full organic for health benefits. For more information on GMO’s, look up one of my favorite YouTubers of all time: Healthcare Triage:

Also, although this article was completed a few days before her video but not published until now, do look up the video created by UnnaturalVegan for more detailed responses and science behind many arguments against GM crops.

Disclaimer: I earned no money from Monsanto as a result of writing this blog post.