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Recommendation: No Meat Athlete

I have talked about other vegans before in a good light, like Unnatural Vegan, Bite Sized Vegan, and Thug Kitchen, and talked unpleasantly about some vegans I don’t think really help the vegan movement, such as Vegan Gains, and Michael Greger. This is going to be another one about a vegan that I rather like: Matt Frazier, who runs the plant-based running blog: No Meat Athlete.

Now I found out about him several months ago and have read numerous posts and even bought his book. He is the vegan who is motivating me to get into running as a form of exercise, because otherwise, I would only run if chased.

NMA-badgeAlthough at the time I knew that high-impact exercise could go hand-in-hand with a vegan diet, but it didn’t really seem to click until recently. This site certainly helped, giving plenty of good advice in terms of how to run in the winter, vegan workout nutrition, and even motivational stories that don’t sound fake or forced. This site even helps you with what gear to wear, good vegan recipes, and even has a podcast with over 100 episodes!

Matt Frazier has been running marathons, including the Boston Marathon, and opened his site in 2009 when he first became vegetarian. He is now fully vegan. He claims that his plant-based diet has made him a better runner, with faster recovery times after workouts, more energy, and a better life. His stories and information is really motivating, and he often links to many more reputable sources for information, and he interviews many vegans, including vegan ultra-marathoner Scott Jurek.

No Meat Athelete is a great motivation for me as a vegan to start exercising more, so I highly suggest visiting his site if you are in my way interested in running or exercising at all as a vegan. If you want to see a good interview with Matt himself, there is a wonderful one on the Youtube channel Bite Sized Vegan.