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Re: My Vegan Diet Almost Killed Me Reaction

At first I was not going to put my opintion on this case, because it was simply the opinion of a single vegan about a single topic based off of what happened to her in her own life… but then the Vegan hate mob came out of the woodwork and into the spotlight! Now as a vegan myself, I have no issue with people who are vegan, except when they do what they did to this woman.

Now I am a little late to this, as this post came out on November the 4th, but a woman named Jordan Younger who ran the blog The Vegan Blond, recounted her experience with Raw Veganism. She claimed how she did cleanses, and ate as little as 800 Calories a day, and was literally a 105 pound lump slowly dying of self-inflicted starvation due to having an eating disorder.

But this is an eating disorder, what does this have to do with veganism?

Veganism by itself is fine, but can easily open the door to severe eating disorders, including Ortherexia. The way that it can do this is that veganism itself is often not enough. Raw Veganism for instance is really common, emphasizing entirely on raw foods despite no evidence that raw is better for you than cooked foods. This can be combined with the fact that many vegans are Organic food nuts, and health foodies.

One article I read about before talking about processed foods called things like Oreos, and crackers, “poison” and “cooked with addictive substances like Cigarettes are” to paraphrase. People who hear that very safe to eat foods are “poison” or “toxic” might stoop to juice cleanses and the like to rid their body of this “toxin.”

Once you start reading false ideas by and FoodBabe that Organic food is healthier than Genetically Modified foods somehow, and that GMO’s are deadly, and that Splenda s bad for you because… possible headaches maybe, and don’t forget Mercola claiming that everything is deadly, you further restrict your diet more and more until you suffer from a legitimate eating disorder, such as consuming mostly raw fruit, or continuously and vainly cleansing your body of those toxic and horrible “Wheat Thins”

Veganism isn’t much better just on it’s own, to be honest. “Milk has pus and blood in it!!!” “Meat causes cancer!!!” “You’re sick because you ate processed foods!!!” “Vegans don’t get sick” I’ve literally been told tat last one before…

The constant unwarranted health-based talks and passion against anything that is not whole fruits and veggies, dried beans in unsalted water, and non-GMO air, is enough to drive someone who has the tendency to have an eating disorder into getting one. Don’t get me wrong, following a balanced vegan diet filled with legumes, beans, wheat bread, grains, greens, fruit, and other veggies are fine, even including processed foods like Triscuits, Earth Balance spread, peanut butter, and Soymilk, and even Oreo’s and Vegan cheese on occasion.

But simply giving her side of the story was not enough, the Vegan community, instead of trying to understand why Jordan might feel the way she did, went on the offensive, which included, but is also not limited to:


Now that was from a not very well known Vegan, but she DID get a lot of hate from people such as the only vegan that hurts the movement so bad that he should just have his mouth sewn shut to prevent himself from hurting the movement even more: Vegan Gains. Who mocked and ridiculed Jordan, even to the point of wearing a blond wig and pretending to be her… you know, what adults do!

Many Vegans both on and off YouTube attacked her, sending her death threats and all, like they did to a Facebook user who owned a restaurant that mocked a asinine vegan who nagged at their restaurant. Her crime was writing a book detailing her experiences as a vegan and a victim of an eating disorder.

You think her otherwise barely read book hurt the vegan movement? Not nearly as much as the angry mobs of vegans who act as if Jordan rang some sacred bell or blasphemed their veggie god.

Not all vegans act this way, for instance, myself, UnnaturalVegan, and others are more analytical in our approach to veganism and plant-based diets. But I will never deny that many vegans ARE like that. A highly vocal minority.