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What Is Thug Kitchen?

In short:




In long, Thug Kitchen is a 3 year old blog-turned-cookbook that is completely vegan. The cookbook includes various vegan recipes that are easy to cook and do not require any awkward ingredients. There are 2 cookbooks out right now, including the blog that still has free-to-see recipes posted.

It’s just a cookbook right? Why is it so special?

Well, Thug Kitchen became famous for probably one of the dumbest reasons: They curse. The fact of a cursing vegan took everyone by surprise, and made many people automatically enjoy what the cookbook had to offer. So much so that a commercial was created for the book that got mainly good reviews.

But with the fame of the cursing came some people who disliked the book: Social Justice. Yes, a group of internet warriors jumped on the book with claims that the book was racist because… apparently only black people are allowed to talk that way listed in the book? Apparently not seeing that only one race has rights to a singular way of speech and grammar is detrimental to that one race because… slang is culture?┬áDon’t look too into that, it’ll drive you crazy with confusion. Most other people are just offended by curse words as if we are still in the 1970’s.

That aside, there are many recipes in this book that I like, which includes their Vinaigrette and their Winter Cabbage and Potatoes. This book is filled with some healthy foods, including how to make your own vegan dressings, vegan burgers, and vegan soup, salsa’s, and desserts. I got it for the kindle for only 12 dollars.

They promote veganism in a pretty good way as well, opening up a whole new market for people who think veganism is a more feminine or nerdy kind of thing. The thing is though, nowhere is “vegan” or “vegetarian” ever even mentioned in this book. The book itself does mention in a few places that plant-based meals are healthier for you, but they never promote veganism or vegetarianism, which, in turn, helps to promote vegetarianism.

Simply by influencing people to eat more plant-based foods, even if they don’t become full vegetarians, is helping the vegan movement. Some people might be turned off by this type of more non-conventional cookbook, but many seem to be drawn in. And for now, that is all we can ask for. I do recommend the cookbook, which can be purchased via Amazon.