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Re: Types of Milk: What’s the Best Choice for You?

I just read this article via LifeScript because it was posted on AOL News, which as we all know, is great on posting relivent and new news stories all the time… yeah. This was posted in early June of 2015, You know, 6 months ago.

But that aside, reading this got me more confused than anything else. In the article they get a lot of data, but none of it makes much sense in how they rank it. It’s like they checked all of their facts on 8 different types of milk by looking at Google, and then categorized each by… something? These milks are not categorized by Calcium content, Caloric content, or anything. So let’s research the information they give us and find out for ourselves what is accurate:

According to Calories alone: Almond Milk is best with only 60 Calories per serving, followed closely by Coconut Milk. Wait a minute, Coconut Milk? This article claimed coconut milk had over 500 Calories! How can it have less than original milk? Because the USDA information that this article got their information from only registers PURE coconut milk, not brand-name coconut milk, like Silk or SoDelicious, which has about 70-80 calories per cup.

Calcium? In fact, in this case, Goat’s Milk gets top place, with 33% DV from Calium, followed by Cow’s Milk with only 30%. In fact, evidence seems to suggest that the consumption of milk for Calcium reasons might be moot anyways. If you need Calcium, there are great plant sources for it. Silk soy milk also has 45% DV

almond-milkSaturated Fat? Actually, Coconut Milk has the most Saturated Fat per serving, one cup has 4.5 grams of fat, and 4 of those grams are saturated. But that is closely followed by Goat’s Milk, and then Cow’s Milk. Soy milk, Almond Milk, and Others have almost or no, Saturated Fat

Protein? We all know about those Vegetarians and their Protein, so which drink has the highest protein content? Well, what do you know, Goat’s Milk has the most protein per serving. But Calorie per Calorie, it is actually Soy Milk that has the highest percent of protein per calories at 28% as compared to 21% for Goat’s Milk and 22% for Cow’s Milk.

Potassium? In fact, Coconut, Soy, and Goat’s Milk all have similar amounts of Potassium at 14% DV, milk only has 10% DV.

Vitamin D? Almond Milk and Cow’s Milk are both fortified with 25% DV of Calcium, and Soy Milk lags behind at 7%.

Vitamin B12? Actually, most milk is low in B12. Cow’s Milk has only 18% DV of B12. Fortified Soy Milk like Silk has 50%. Or, if you are worried, you can just take a supplement.

Taking all this into account, I personally would say Soy Milk, especially Fortified Soy Milk like Silk, should be at the top of that list. Tons of people are allergic to dairy milk as well, tons more than that who are allergic to soy.

There are many factors that play into the consumption of milk. My personal recommendation would be to lower your intake of all kinds in pure form, as for the most part it’s just a caloric beverage. Using in food is a different story, although I still love Soy milk.