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The Case Against “Dr” Michael Greger/NutritionFacts

Michael Greger is a well know Vegan god among the plant-eating rascals who not only want to justify veganism scientifically, but also demonize meat with every study you can possibly find to do so, even if the study is flawed. He is also Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture at the Humane Society of the United States and the Humane Society International, he is also a vegan, so he has legitimate reason to be biased againat meat and for the perfection of a vegan diet.

To start off, Michael Greger is not a PhD scientist, he is not even a Nutritionist or Dietition, he is a general practitioner who is famous for bailing out Oprah when he was an expert witness for Mad Cows Disease back when Oprah made the meat market sink. He might have majored in the field of clinical nutrition, but that doesn’t make him an expert in the field of nutrition.

Michael Greger seems to love to go against the grain in terms of science. Over 110 studies prove that Sucralose is safe for consumption. Aspertame is the same, with over 100 studies showing that it is safe for consumption. Greger thinks otherwise because… a few cherrypicked studies. He actually claims Sucralose, found in Splenda, is bad for you, as he claims: “Harmful, based primarily on the role it may play as a migraine trigger.” May possibly play…

sourceLet’s see where this claim even comes from. He links 4 sources for the video, one links to a general review of sweeteners, which claims them to be healthy. That study refers to a case study… of one woman who was already suffering from severe migraines being controlled by hormones. In this one woman, single blind study claimed that Sucralose triggered this one woman’s migraines. And in another case study, the voice of R&B singer Ne-Yo causes one woman to have seizures and induces vomiting, i guess Ne-yo music is bad for your health now too.

Greger also mentions in a post that the WHO report claiming the carcinogenic effects includes chicken and turkey… it doesn’t.

If that doesn’t input doubt on Mr. Gregers claims, maybe this will. Michael Greger makes a ton of DVD’s and books spouting the same biased claims he makes on his website.  He claims that he does not make a dime from his works, and that all proceeds go to charity… well… he isn’t wrong. is a 501(c)3 charity, and that is the charity that proceeds go to. These proceeds help Greger talk more about his claims, write more books, and make more videos, which in turn, makes more money for his own charity. I am sure his contribution to his own charity gives him a tax deduction as well, but that’s just a rumor.

He seems to want the money more than anything, and even not, at least wants to spread his misinformation about meat and whatot. I really don’t trust this site anymore than I trust AuthorityNutrition, which is on the opposite end of the crazy train.

Not to say a plant-based diet is healthier than one with carcinogenic red meat and unhealthy processed foods, it definitely is. But It’s better to mention that using facts and research, and not bogus health claims.

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  1. This is true, Greger has just been lying all the time, he became vegan for ethical reasons, not health as he makes it sound, check this interview:


    M: “How
    long have you been a vegan?”

    G: “Oh… for 17 years.”

    M: “What
    precipitated that decision? Was it your research?”

    G: “I was at Farm Sanctuary [New York].
    Gene took me to a stockyard in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Gave
    me a tour. It’s a matter of seeing it with your own eyes, I
    think. I mean, that’s really what does it. You can read about,
    see pictures… even watch a video, but you can’t smell it.
    You can’t hear it. You’re not surrounded by it. That’s what
    did it for me. Maybe that’s from my lack of imagination. Some
    people can read a book and that’s it! That’s amazing. They
    can change their lives. For me, it took that extra push. I
    needed to kind of experience it, and once I was in that environment
    feeding these animals… that was it.”

    1. That alone is not much of an issue for me. Lying, or changing your story about what made you vegan is like, brushstrokes on the canvas.

      The fact that he states things like “vegan blood cures cancer cells” or even worse “Milk casein causes Autism” with an air of expertise, something he does not have and in statements he cannot prove.

      His motives don’t phase me, his actions and words do.

  2. Hmm. I just found your website (looking for info on Dr. Greger); seems like something I might like. I did notice today that in the WHO Q&A — thank you for the link — it does not say “chicken” or “turkey.” But it does say: “Most processed meats contain pork or beef, but processed meats may also contain other red meats, poultry . . .” and “The cancer risks associated with consumption of poultry and fish were not evaluated.” I believe in forgiving people’s mistakes.

    1. If it was only one mistake I could forgive that. But he acts as if he is the end-all of vegan nutrition and acts as if he knows better than everyone, when in reality he is often wrong. People trust him, therefore he should be held accountable.

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