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France Seeks To Abolish Ban On Gay Blood Donations

France is one of only a handful of countries finally stepping out of the overblown AIDs epidemic of the 1980’s, to finally allow gay and bisexual men to donate blood without restriction. This is one ban that I understood in the 1980’s when the AID’s epidemic was underway, causing many people to fear. And since HIV was connected to being gay, it makes sense to cover your bases at a time when testing was expensive and technology just was not as good.

But this is 2015, and all blood donations are tested for a variety of ailments. According to the American Redcross:

Blood donations are tested for the following:

In addition, all platelet apheresis donations are tested for bacterial contamination.

Red Cross says that their blood is tested for HIV, so it really does not make sense for them to ban the over 80% of gay men who don’t have HIV.

Now that is not to say that gay men CAN’T give blood, but they are barred from doing so in many instances. For instance, gay men in Canada can give blood… if they don’t have sex with a man for 5 years. America has just lowered the ban on gay and bisexual men donating blood as well… if they don’t have sex with a man for a whole year. I have no clue why, as AIDs does not vanish after one year. Redcross said in a statement earlier in 2015 that it was against the blood ban altogether.

It is nice to see that countries are going into the 21st century, including Argentina, who has just lifted the ban on gay blood donations as of September of 2015. With the amount of blood transfusions needed, it is good to know that more people are now able to donate to help save lives, regardless of their sexuality.