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Vegans Attack Cafe, What Does This Do For Advocacy?

Now I am pretty sure that none of my readers need to be told that when it comes to PR, Vegans suck at it. Overly sensitivity and pseudoscience rampages through the movement, like with most movements seen nowadays as ‘progressive’, and as a result the movement as a whole just looks awful.

The mere mention of someone as a vegan puts many on edge. They expect some kind of long rant about how their eating habits are killing animals, or some smug pseudoscientific lecture on how veganism prevents you from getting cancer or the common cold. They think this because for many, they have ran into this kind of vegan, the ones who goes to famous YouTuber FuriousPete who was just told he had testicular cancer, and smugly proclaim without any evidence that he must have got it because of meat consumption. Or the many vegans such as Freelee and Vegan Gains, who have said that people who eat animals deserve to die.

That and many more examples, but this time is little different. Now here is the story of a cafe in Dublin Ireland, who mocked a vegan via Facebook who meandered into their cafe, the White Moose Cafe,  and was upset that there wasn’t anything vegan directly on the menu. The woman in question was told that it would help if the cafe got some heads up in advance so they would have something already made for the customer, and the customer did not like that.

As a result of this post, a barrage of vegans thought it would be a good idea to give the restaurant they never been to over 2200 one star reviews, and sent the owners a massive amount of abuse and death threats, apparently something taken right off the table of the nearest Vegan Gains let’s play video. A ton of people, seeing the attacks by vegans, went in to defend the cafe, giving it an equal number of 5 star ratings.


Vegans got more and more upset as time went on, however, going all the way to picket the cafe, even after it was closed. The owner of the White Moose Cafe Facebook page had a field day, doing everything from threatening to shoot vegans to completely barring them from the restaurant. Finally they stuck to mocking the vegans, thanking them for the huge surge in sales they received, and even put a huge discount on their meat-filled breakfast platter.

So… to all vegans… what did this accomplish? How did this benefit animal advocacy or even convince a restaurant to sell vegan products? It didn’t. The cafe was willing to make the food the vegan wanted, if she asked nicely and it would have helped to call in advance so the cafe would have had time to prepare something. Now the cafe wants nothing to do with vegans, probably will never again sell vegan food, and like the boycott of Daiya dairy-free cheese company for daring to post recipes on their site that included meat products, just made the movement, yet again, look stupid.

In terms of advocacy, it is better to be rational than scream and send death threats in order to make your movement look good, and to get people to see that what you’re saying is legitimate and fact-based. And this is not just a vegan thing, this is an issue seen with most modern day movements claiming to be progressive, but a small segment of the groups ruin it for the rest of them. Feminism has this issue. BlackLivesMatter has this issue. The LGBT has this issue. Correct and notable civil rights movements fighting for legitimate issues being taken over by a small screaming minority that makes the whole movement look bad.

And stuff like this is bad advocacy. Sending death threats to a cafe because they mocked a girl who behaved badly only harmed the vegan movement. The FuriousPete fiasco, the Diaya boycott, the Freelee threat, all hurt the movement these people claim to be fighting for.  Because of these people’s actions, a cafe will now spend more energy selling meat products and refusing service to vegans.

I certainly hope they got the justice they wanted, because they certainly left a trail of ash in their wake.