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Milk: A Health Drink Or A Calorie Laden Beverage?

Many years have told us all that milk is wonderful for us. That milk is good for bones, and without it, we are at risk for Osteoporosis and all that. I know I have written an article before on how it is possible to eat eggs in healthy moderation, but when it comes to milk, some of the benefits may be a little fa fetched. Milk is claimed to be a wonderful source of Calcium and Vitamin D. But is this not entirely the case.

Humans are actually not supposed to drink milk. 75% of all people globally cannot drink milk, cheese, yogurt, etc, as adults, despite the fact that almost 90% of people in the US can. The issue with Lactose Intolerance comes from Lactose, a milk sugar. Many mammals can drink milk up until the age of about 5, when the body slows or stops the production of the enzyme Lactase, which allows the human body to digest Lactose. This happened through a genetic mutation only a few thousand years ago.


Milk is also full of calories, a typical 8 oz cup of whole milk has 150 calories, while even 1% milk per cup has 100 calories per cup. Now while this is better nutritionally per cup than something like soda, or sugar-sweetened tea, it is still full of useless calories.

But… milk has Calcium, and Calcium is god for bones, right?

Eeeeh, the evidence for that is kinda low. Aaron Carroll from Healthcare Triage, despite some issues I had about his blind acceptance of gender politics, mentions plenty of good facts and cites many sources in his video on why milk is not a health drink. He shows many studies debunking the claim that people who consume milk have less bone fractures as they age. He even posted brand new studies recently that showed that increased calcium intake does NOT help reduce bone fractures.

Some people might think that without milk, how would we get our calcium intake? Well, calcium is found in many foods, including almonds, broccoli, oranges, kale, white beans, and figs. Which is why the other 75% of the population, who can’t drink milk, get their calcium. You can also get a good deal of calcium through fortified Soymilk as well.

That’s not to say that milk is horrifically bad for you. I have debunked claims before that states that milk and other dairy products are addicting. But it is a source of unnecessary fat, sugar, and carbs, despite it being a source of protein. It is also an unneeded staple that is so popular that it is even a part of the food pyramid, despite it having very little legitimate health benefits. But like I said before, eggs are included as well despite the same thing. And cheese is much worse.

Now I am not going to be the person who runs after you and yells that milk is filled with pus or anything, because that’s just gross. It’s good to know that milk is not a wonderful beverage, and if you want MY opinion, it is good to lower your intake of milk and cheese if possible. But that is up to you.

The Dairy Industry is an over 140 Billion dollar industry, so it is certainly not going anywhere anytime soon.