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Taco Bell First Fast Food Restaurant to Get Vegetarian Seal of Approval!

I have written before on how Taco Bell is an excellent place to get plenty of vegetarian and vegan foods, including how they have their own vegetarian protein substitution, and even offers healthy food choices like romaine lettuce. Now I am not the only person to think so, as the American Vegetarian Association has certified Taco Bell as the first ever fast food restaurant to receive a certification, in which Taco Bell now has an AVA approved vegetarian menu list.

Taco bell has 13 certified vegetarian menu options and 35 vegetarian ingredients, in which 26 are vegan. It is also very easy to customize food while there as well. You can ask for a bean burrito without cheese to make it Vegan, or a Burrito Supreme with beans instead of beef for a good protein substitution.

This is actually coming months after McDonalds had to close 700 stores in June due to lack of sales. This probably has to do with consumers desiring more menu options and more diversity and not getting it. Years ago, McDonalds was asked about incorporating a veggie burger into their lineup, for which they refused. Not allowing for very many vegetarian options lowers the amount of customers to your store, which I mentioned before in another post. As 5% of Americans label themselves as Vegetarian, which is up from 1% in 1971, not including vegetarian options does nothing more than hurt your bottom line.

This is probably why Amy’s Drive Thru, a fast food joint that just opened offering veggie burgers and organic foods,  was a booming success on its first day, catering to almost 500 customers, who were willing to wait over an hour to get their food due to the long lines. I wrote a post on my Tumblr in where I found some of their menu options to be over-priced and believe organic food is not healthier than conventional foods, I do think such restaurants do need to be made. Which is good, as Amy’s Drive Thru plans to expand in the next few years.

So hopefully this will cause more restaurants to bring in vegetarian and vegan options.