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The Egg Industry Vs Just Mayo?

For those of you who don’t know, Just Mayo is a Hampton Creek vegan alternative to Mayonnaise, very similar to the all popular Vegannaise.

This product apparently cause so much of a threat to the entire egg industry somehow, that in emails leaked between the USDA and the American Egg Board, they threatened to put a hit out on Hampton Creek founder Josh Tetrick, saying “Do you want me to contact some of my old buddies from Brooklyn to pay Mr. Tetrick a visit?”

This was a several thousand dollar 2 year campaign to get Hampton Creek off the shelves, even going s far as to try to ban Just Mayo from numerous stores, including Whole Foods. Unilever, creator of Best Foods mayonnaise, even tried to sue Hampton Creek, claiming that their product was misleading, because Just Mayo doesn’t include eggs.

Now, we have Soymilk, we have Almond Butter, and we have Vegan Cheese, but god forbid we have Eggless Mayonnaise. To me, this has to be one of the most embarrassing things that the egg industry can do.

Let’s put this in perspective; Vegans make up less than 1% of the population. The target market for eggless mayo is going to be vegans and the small amount of the population who does not like eggs or can’t eat them for some reason. Let’s not forget that egg allergies make up a small portion of the population, so that group of people would otherwise not be eating egg products anyways.

so how exactly is eggless mayonnaise in any way a threat to the egg industry? It makes absolutely no sense why a monopoly would try so hard to get such a product off the shelf.

Of course, this is not the only time this has happened either. Zengarry Cashew Cheeses was also hounded by the Canadian government for creating a cheese alternative product made from cashews, and still using the word “Cheese.” Which is why many cheese alternative products you’ll see using either the phrase “cheese alternative” or a horribly tacky misspelling of the word “Cheese.” Which is why “Cheez” and “Chreese” are words that are used in many Vegan products, it helps prevent lawsuits.

And, yet again, there is ANOTHER time in which a vegan food item was bullied for being a vegan alternative. Field Roast is a brand of vegan meatless meat substitutes that was hounded by the Canadian government because it refused to test its products on live animals. It has since ceased production in Canada, despite booming sales. This became an issue after the companies competitors used the government to push a scarcely enforced rule onto Field Roast.

I am a lacto-vegetarian and have been following vegan and vegetarian type news long before I went vegetarian, and have always came to the conclusion that veganism is not going to overtake the meat, dairy, and egg industries anytime in the near or far future. Meat consumption is culturally and biologically programmed into our brains, which is why many vegans need to supplement.

Now in this day and age, where plant-based alternatives are all around us, there is no need for us to consume animal flesh to survive. But the cultural and biologically imprints are still there, which is why even if vegetarianism became popular, the meat industry would still be a money maker.