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Product Review: True Lemon – Fruit Orchard: Summer Berry

fruit orchardI actually got to know about True Lemon through one of my customers. She would put packets of True Lemon into her Pepsi as we talked about this, that, and the other. I asked her if it was good, and she said that she never left home without a bunch of them, as she buys them in packs of 500. She gave me one to try out, and to be honest, just one packet in a small cup of water makes some awesome tasting Lemonaid.

But what IS True Lemon? True Lemon is a brand that sells all natural fruit powders, which can be used for drinking or cooking. It also claims to contain no artificial flavors and no preservatives. For instance, the True Lemon powder that I drank was crystallized lemon, and that was all. Of course, they have other products as well, such as lime powder, orange powder, and a ton of drink mixes. One of the drink mixes is the product I am reviewing now.

The product I bought from Walmart is called Fruit Orchard: Summer Berry Medley, which is created by True Lemon. It contains crystallized lemon, blueberry, Strawberry, raspberry, apple, and contains a small amount of grape juice. It also contains a small amount of sugar, and a natural calorie free sweetener made from the Stevia plant.

fruit orchard 2Each box comes complete with 7┬ápackets that are good to mix into a 16 oz water bottle. Which is good because all you have to do is pour it and shake. However, because of it containing all natural fruit powders, the drink does have a form of “pulp” at the bottom. In order to get the full flavor of the drink it is recommended that you shake the bottle or stir your cup every once in awhile to mix the pulp in with the rest of the drink.

And as for the flavor, it does taste rather fruity. It is also a bit tart though, due to the lemon that is added in, but it does taste pretty good. It tastes more like a fruit juice than a cheap powdered drink mix, which is good, because this product is not cheap. You can buy it in-store at Walmart or Harris Teeter, or you can buy it directly from the site itself.

I would say that it is worth 4 dollars for the drink mix as compared to other drink mixes that are cheap and most don’t taste very good.