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Vet in Texas Sparks Outrage After Shooting Cat With Bow

Kristen-Lindsey-cat-expert-Steve-Dale-animal-cruelty-cat-killerKristen Lindsey, a veterinarian in Texas (of course she’s in Texas) is being investigated by police after she took a photo of herself shooting a feral cat with an arrow to the head. Of course, she bragged about it on social media, complete with a picture.

As a result of her actions, she was fired from the veterinary clinic where she worked, Washington Animal Clinic. And I am personally GLAD she was fired! But despite her being fired, the clinic she was fired from is family owned, so idk how far that will go in the long run.

This cruelty sparked a HUGE social media firestorm, complete with petitions. Animal rights activist organization Ally Cat Allies is offering a 7,500 dollar reward for information that will be used to prosecute Kristen.

Animal Cruelty is a felony offense in the state of Texas according to Penal Code, Title 9, Chapter 42, 42.09: “Sections (1), (5), (6), (7), or (8) (tortures; kills, seriously injures or poisons; animal fighting; uses as a lure; trips a horse) is a State Jail Felony with a fine up to $10,000 and/or imprisonment from 180 days to 2 years.” But that might not be entirely the case, as section 5, which deals with killing, is worded like this ” kills, seriously injures, or administers poison to an animal, other than cattle, horses, sheep, swine, or goats, belonging to another without legal authority or the owner’s effective consent

Which means that since the cat might have been a feral stray, that she might only get away with being charged with a misdemeanor offense, if she is charged at all. Although there are indeed reports that the cat is actually a neighbors outdoor cat named Tiger who had gone missing the day this cat was slain.

The animal clinic rebuked her actions, and wrote a post about it on Facebook. They apparently received almost 500 angry calls about the incident before noon.

This is a horrible case of animal cruelty, and I hope she gets punished for her actions.