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Is A Vegetarian Diet Healthier For You?

exps37206_CFT990854D8I decided to go on a vegetarian diet. The second vegetarian diet I have been on. The last one failed because of lack of choices, I was a highschooler with no funds to buy my own food and my family cooked a lot of meat. This time seems to be going well but I have not been on it for very long.

Vegetarian diets are lower in fat, lower in salt, lower in calories, higher in vitamin content, and higher in fiber, and does not come with the added possibility of cancer from Red Meat, and has a higher life expectancy. But the added health effects of a vegetarian diet can come from a wide variety of factors. Vegetarian foods, such as veggie burgers, are hard to come by, and as a result are healthier because more time and effort is spent on that regard. Vegetarians are more likely to watch their caloric intake and as a result most veggie burgers are low in calories, and many vegetarians practice portion control, etc.

Not all vegetarians though, it is very easy to be vegetarian and overconsume calories, especially if you eat out often. Eating at a place like Taco Bell and getting refried beans on everything may SEEM healthier, but through that process you are packing on the sodium and a large amount of calories (refried beans are HIGH in calories). So it is POSSIBLE to be a vegetarian and eat a diet that is just as bad as a conventional diet of meats.

The main issue that vegetarians face is by protein, this is not much of an issue if you are a lacto-ovo vegetarian, cause you can just eat cheese and eggs to get protein in, but you generally have to read labels, and make sure you are getting enough. Beans, cheese, yogurt, nuts, and eggs are full of protein and vegetarians usually have to eat a lot of them in order to get enough, and if you are a vegan eating protein supplements might be a must unless you like being REALLY strict.

Remember, the vegetarian diet is a DIET, so it won’t be sunshine and daisies. It’s also NOT a miracle diet, and won’t sure you of everything. There is no guarantee of better quality of life, and just because brownies have no meat does not mean you should indulge. But it seems like a good enough diet for me to try out.