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Environmentalists Barge Into Hotel Lobby To Protest Olympics

News Title: Two Crazy Environmentalists Barge Into Hotel Lobby Filled With over 100 Journalists To Protest The Olympics.

That is what this title should say. But alas is too long. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil was visited by the President of the International Olympics Commitee (IOC), Thomas Bach to congratulate the city’s progress in preparing to the upcoming 2016 Olympic games in an executive board meeting.

Thomas BachWhile he was busy talking about the upcoming games, the over 100 journalists waiting in the lobby were met with a group of protesters  ranting outside about how Thomas Bach was a “Nature Killer”

The protesters were hoping to bring attention to many environmental issues associated with the construction of the games, including turning a nature reserve into a golf course for the new golf competitions, as well as water pollution in the Guanabara Bay, where Olympic sailing will be taking place.

During this protest, at least two female environmentalists burst into the lobby, blowing whistles, shouting slogans, and trying to tear down Olympic flags. One woman screaming “The thieves are upstairs,” as she was dragged away by security, referring to the board meeting leaders talking on one of the other floors. Although Thomas Bach claimed that Authorities will be able to meet the promise to cleanse 80% of the sewage entering the bay, Rio state authorities said otherwise.

This protest took place only a week after an inquiry was filed against the mayor Eduardo Paes by the environmentalist group Golf For Whom, alleging that the golf course harmed taxpayers. Although Bach claims that no taxpayer money is being used to build the golf course. But Rio itself is spending 14 billion dollars in order to prepare for the Olympics. Since Brazil is currently face-to-face with recession, this expenditure is no laughing matter.

What do you think of the environmental protest of the Rio Olympics?